Friday, April 25, 2014

usher and my confessions

These are my confessions
Just when I thought I said all I could say
My chick on the side said she got one on the way
These are my confessions

wow usher, that is a confession.  mine are slightly less serious.  also who knew this video had such a strange opening.

1. i have a weird obsession with playing with tape (specifically scotch tape).  i like to wrap it around my fingers, rip it into strips, make designs with it, etc.  I've done this as long as I can remember.
2. i used to bite my nails all the time in high school and college.  i tried all the bad tasting/put on your fingers remedies and they never worked.  after college i made a conscious decision to stop biting my nails and i followed through.  now i only bite my nails if i get really nervous/stressed out and if i do, i pick one nail and only bite that one.

3. i have terrible posture when i sit at my desk all day.  i try to make myself sit up straight, but inevitably i hunch back down to an insane angle.

4. i used to eat (and love) ham and butter sandwiches when i was little.  i hated all condiments (mayo, cream cheese, mustard) until college.  now the idea of ham and butter sandwiches makes me gag.

5. i have a crazy obsession with fruit flavored candy.  give me skittles, runts (minus the bananas), nerds, gobstoppers basically anything fruit related over chocolate any day.

6. when i ride the commuter rail every day to and from work, i make up crazy stories in my head involving the conductors and the passengers.  i also see a lot of the same people every day so they have ongoing stories that intertwine with new people.  it helps pass the time.  i have a long commute.

7. AJD and i are going to croatia in june where game of thrones is filmed and i'm convinced that the cast will be there and they will want to hang out with us the whole time, and when we inevitably hang out, i will call them by their characters' names not their names in real life.  (got sidenote: i still haven't accepted ned stark's death even though it happened in season 1).

8. i'm not looking forward towards warmer weather for two reasons. one, i hate sweating and it happens a lot in the spring and summer and two, i don't want to start shaving my legs on the reg.  having the ability to just wear tights with skirts and not worry about shaving my legs is one of the reasons i love fall and winter.

9. every time i watch a movie that takes place at a college or with college aged people i am always enraged at how college life is portrayed (even if the movie is good, i still get enraged).  just once, i want to watch a movie where the dorms are forced quads in a triple room, bars/parties are portrayed accurately (ie not with a choreographed dance sequence), etc.  it would still be awesome, why won't someone do it already.

10. when i was growing up, two movies scarred me beyond repair.  the witches and silence of the lambs.  i still will get nightmares to this day if i even see them in the channel guide and forget it if they actually come up on the screen.

sidenote: scariest disney moment is in sleeping beauty when you just hear maleficent chanting "aurora" and aurora is on the stairwell en route to prick her finger.  now when i see the new maleficent movie trailer i always think of that scene.  plus angelina jolie looks incredibly awesome/frightening in that role.  also the lana del rey version of once upon a dream is insanely creepy in the trailer.  after all this, i'm confused as to how the movie is only rated pg cause it looks like nightmare city.