Saturday, March 8, 2014

oscars 2014

i'll get straight to the gist.  2014 oscars did not do it for me.  there was no knock out dresses, hair, or makeup.  yes, people looked beautiful.  people looked awful, but overall it was just blah.  the show itself was the same as the red carpet in my opinion.  there were a few big moments, but i thought ellen was boring and predictable and the show itself was a drag.  truth be told i fell asleep before the end and didn't really feel bad about it.  

anyways, let's get back to the fashion.

best dressed: lupita nyong'o (totally predicted, not a surprise)
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the double deep v and the soft shade of blue, lupita looked beautiful.  even though she's my best dressed pick, i wasn't blown away by the dress.  it was very pretty, but the shape was very safe for her.  she's been killing it all awards season, so it's only fair that she be crowned best dressed.
best bottom of the dress: charlize theron
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truth be told, if charlize's dress had black straps instead of the weird clear straps, she would've been my best dressed pick.  charlize is freaking stunning all the time.  i mean would you look at how banging her body is in this dress.  freaking unbelievable.  i thought the detail at the bottom of the dress was clearly the highlight.
best hair and makeup: kate hudson
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i'm not really sure why kate hudson was at the oscars.  she hasn't done anything for a long time and when she did, it was usually a bad rom-com, save for almost famous.  but regardless, she looked great.  her hair was such a great shade of blonde and the style was simple and elegant and went perfectly with her whole ensemble.  her makeup was also a perfect match for her hair and outfit.  the simple lip was a great way to even further put all emphasis on her smoky eye.  flawlessly executed.
best dressed (male): kevin spacey
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this is a huge step for me.  i usually hate any tux that isn't traditional black, but kevin spacey has changed my tune.  this could be my obsession with house of cards, but really he looked great on the red carpet.  and then the fact that he knows what the people want and spoke in his awesome southern accent in house of cards character while on the oscar stage was just icing on the cake.  bravo sir.
worst dressed: liza manelli
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crazy person coming through.  braless wonder on the red carpet.  liza looked a hot mess.  i actually didn't even realize this mess involved pants until now.  good god, use a stylist.  i can't even imagine how terrible the shoes are underneath those pants.  yucky all around.

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