Wednesday, December 3, 2014

wednesdays are weird

anyone remember that commercial i think it was for a health plan where it's a couple telling each other excuses about why they didn't go to the gym?  i still laugh every time i think about that commercial.  wednesdays are weird was my personal favorite excuse.

did i go to the gym today, no, wednesdays are weird.  instead, i missed my train by five minutes and had to sit in the station for an hour to wait for the next one.  why i missed the train by five minutes is a long story that involves lack of umbrellas and pop up meetings.  it's a boring tale that i will not be regaling you with.

anyways, i liked my outfit today so i took an insanely boring picture of myself in the mirror (please note it was when i got home after missing my train, sitting in the train station for an hour, and then sitting on said train for another hour.  you'll see how excited i look soon enough).  the outfit is nothing special, but i liked it.  as a special plus i was asked if i was pregnant today so that's always a great feeling.  that's when you know your outfit is hot fire.  spoiler alert, i'm not.  i may have put on a few lb's.  i like to say i'm insulating for winter.

so without further ado, i give you a crazy boring photo of my outfit.
just to make sure you never stop reading my blogs and only come for the pictures, i made the picture nice and blurry.  i don't want to spoil you with mad photo skills.

outfit details: shirt: pleione (nordstrom); necklace: gift (unknown); watch: burberry (nordstrom); skirt: banana republic; tights: target; boots: tahari (dsw)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

you can't sit with us!

me:  if anyone walked in my office this morning they would think i'm a psycho path.
im straight up bumping old celine dion songs.
did you know it's all coming back to me now is a 7 1/2 minute song.  its amazing.  its never ending.

If anything will get you through a Friday its the bold sounds of Celine.

i know people are obsessed with the frozen songs but they DO NOT compare with celine and peabo bryson's beauty and the beast.

you have to understand my craziness to be my friend.  some people just get me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

home style

AJD and i are one new closet door away from finishing the living room in our house.  it's been a process decorating the living room.  both of us have been picky, which i think paid off since we didn't settle for anything and really decorated the room with our style.  here are a few details from the room.
over the summer we upgraded our furniture to an awesome leather couch, chair and ottoman, and accent chair.  i personally took a nap on the couch and this chair over the weekend.  nap approved.
for the mantle and over the fire place, AJD found this awesome brass anchor on ebay, which meshes perfectly with our antique harbor map from 1857.
when we were in croatia, we were outside the maritime museum and i noticed these four distinct anchors.  i thought to myself, self, you love nautical things, you should take a picture of each anchor and hang said pictures in your house.  voila.  croatian anchors.
and this is my crowning achievement of the living room.  i've been thinking about having a black and white gallery wall since before we moved into the house.  after collecting the pictures and the frames, i realized i don't have the patience to hang a gallery wall.  enter these awesome photo ledges.  all my black and white dreams have come true.  all the pictures are of our family members (great grandfathers, grandparents, and parents).  we're still collecting a few more, but these ledges finally got hung this past weekend and i love everything about them.

Monday, October 13, 2014

fall style

hey there!  it's been a hot minute since i've updated the blog and since i'm in the midst of a three day weekend (hallelujah), i had some time to crush some blog posts.

since it's been awhile since i've been on the blog and talked fashion/shopping, i figured i'd give you my #1 fall trend that i can't get enough of...leather accents.  yup you heard that right.  super prepster, moi, loves me some leather accents.  specifically banana republic and ann taylor have smashed this trend.
images above from
images above from
whenever i look at these photos, i just want to whisper "high fashion" over and over.  so chic and trendy.  never fear though, i don't want you to think i've left all my prepster ways behind me.  over the summer, AJD and i went all out prep for our friends' wedding in july.
prep fo' life.

Friday, April 25, 2014

usher and my confessions

These are my confessions
Just when I thought I said all I could say
My chick on the side said she got one on the way
These are my confessions

wow usher, that is a confession.  mine are slightly less serious.  also who knew this video had such a strange opening.

1. i have a weird obsession with playing with tape (specifically scotch tape).  i like to wrap it around my fingers, rip it into strips, make designs with it, etc.  I've done this as long as I can remember.
2. i used to bite my nails all the time in high school and college.  i tried all the bad tasting/put on your fingers remedies and they never worked.  after college i made a conscious decision to stop biting my nails and i followed through.  now i only bite my nails if i get really nervous/stressed out and if i do, i pick one nail and only bite that one.

3. i have terrible posture when i sit at my desk all day.  i try to make myself sit up straight, but inevitably i hunch back down to an insane angle.

4. i used to eat (and love) ham and butter sandwiches when i was little.  i hated all condiments (mayo, cream cheese, mustard) until college.  now the idea of ham and butter sandwiches makes me gag.

5. i have a crazy obsession with fruit flavored candy.  give me skittles, runts (minus the bananas), nerds, gobstoppers basically anything fruit related over chocolate any day.

6. when i ride the commuter rail every day to and from work, i make up crazy stories in my head involving the conductors and the passengers.  i also see a lot of the same people every day so they have ongoing stories that intertwine with new people.  it helps pass the time.  i have a long commute.

7. AJD and i are going to croatia in june where game of thrones is filmed and i'm convinced that the cast will be there and they will want to hang out with us the whole time, and when we inevitably hang out, i will call them by their characters' names not their names in real life.  (got sidenote: i still haven't accepted ned stark's death even though it happened in season 1).

8. i'm not looking forward towards warmer weather for two reasons. one, i hate sweating and it happens a lot in the spring and summer and two, i don't want to start shaving my legs on the reg.  having the ability to just wear tights with skirts and not worry about shaving my legs is one of the reasons i love fall and winter.

9. every time i watch a movie that takes place at a college or with college aged people i am always enraged at how college life is portrayed (even if the movie is good, i still get enraged).  just once, i want to watch a movie where the dorms are forced quads in a triple room, bars/parties are portrayed accurately (ie not with a choreographed dance sequence), etc.  it would still be awesome, why won't someone do it already.

10. when i was growing up, two movies scarred me beyond repair.  the witches and silence of the lambs.  i still will get nightmares to this day if i even see them in the channel guide and forget it if they actually come up on the screen.

sidenote: scariest disney moment is in sleeping beauty when you just hear maleficent chanting "aurora" and aurora is on the stairwell en route to prick her finger.  now when i see the new maleficent movie trailer i always think of that scene.  plus angelina jolie looks incredibly awesome/frightening in that role.  also the lana del rey version of once upon a dream is insanely creepy in the trailer.  after all this, i'm confused as to how the movie is only rated pg cause it looks like nightmare city.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 before 30 update

so i've been doing a terrible job blogging, and i've decided that a small part of that is because i feel like i have old posts hanging over my head that i need to get done.  so i've made the executive decision to just do an update on my 30 before 30 list (which actually ended way back in august 2013) and then move forward.  here we goooooooo...
1. go to a foreign country the i've never been to - didn’t happen (but will January 2014 Dominican Republic)
2. go on a beach vacation - will happen January 2014 Dominican Republic
3. swim in the atlantic and pacific oceans in the same year – completed 8/25/12, pacific didn’t happen
4. take AJD to try indian food for the first time (i've had it, he hasn't)
5. go to the boston museum of modern art
6. run in at minimum 3 road races (any length) - March 10th (5k), April 13th (5k), June 16th (10k)
7. buy fresh flowers for the apt, the first week of every month – aug, sept, oct (missing - vday flowers cover it), nov, dec, jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jun, july
8. cook a turkey dinner with all the fixings
9. go back to chicago with AJD to really explore (i went for work, so it didn't count) - didn’t happen
10. make a snow angel (it's been awhile) - completed 2/9/13
11. make homemade pie, including crust, from scratch – completed 11/21/12
12. get a facial and start a skin care regime (or at least a moisturizer - i'm old now, it's time) - completed 8/3/13
13. hike a mountain in maine or vermont – completed acadia mtn, me 8/17/12
14. transfer my 401k from my old job to my current job - in process
15. watch casablanca, breakfast at tiffany's, all the godfather movies, and anchorman (anchorman 11/18/12) (casablanca 1/20/13) (breakfast at tiffany’s 2/18/13)
16. track the number of miles i run for the year – ongoing via
17. complete a 30 pictures in 30 days challenge - completed month of May 2013
18. fill the digital picture frame with pictures – completed 12/22/12
19. learn how to use the manual setting on my camera - hasn’t happened yet
20. get a new cell phone (maybe an iphone) with a colorful case - completed 12/31/12
21. put money into my savings account from every paycheck – ongoing, did it pretty much every week until we bought a house
22. get down to pre-AJD weight (dating packs on the pounds.  i've already started, i've got 7 lbs to go) – completed 11/20/12
23. get an apron and wear while cooking so i stop ruining my clothes – completed 12/25/12
24. use my food processor at least once a month - didn’t happen
25. use my crock pot at least once a month - didn’t happen
26. visit family in utah - didn’t happen
27. reread the great gatsby – completed 11/5/12
28. get off my high blood pressure meds or at least lower the dosage (this may not be possible since it's genetic but i'm going to give it the old college try) - not quite
29. get 25 blog followers - nope
30. do a giveaway when i reach 25 followers - nope

Sunday, March 9, 2014

the real winner of the oscars 2014

amy poehler destroyed the oscar after parties.  girlfriend was clearly having a great time.  amy poehler won the oscars.  hands down.
image from
image from

Saturday, March 8, 2014

oscars 2014

i'll get straight to the gist.  2014 oscars did not do it for me.  there was no knock out dresses, hair, or makeup.  yes, people looked beautiful.  people looked awful, but overall it was just blah.  the show itself was the same as the red carpet in my opinion.  there were a few big moments, but i thought ellen was boring and predictable and the show itself was a drag.  truth be told i fell asleep before the end and didn't really feel bad about it.  

anyways, let's get back to the fashion.

best dressed: lupita nyong'o (totally predicted, not a surprise)
image from
the double deep v and the soft shade of blue, lupita looked beautiful.  even though she's my best dressed pick, i wasn't blown away by the dress.  it was very pretty, but the shape was very safe for her.  she's been killing it all awards season, so it's only fair that she be crowned best dressed.
best bottom of the dress: charlize theron
image from
truth be told, if charlize's dress had black straps instead of the weird clear straps, she would've been my best dressed pick.  charlize is freaking stunning all the time.  i mean would you look at how banging her body is in this dress.  freaking unbelievable.  i thought the detail at the bottom of the dress was clearly the highlight.
best hair and makeup: kate hudson
image from
i'm not really sure why kate hudson was at the oscars.  she hasn't done anything for a long time and when she did, it was usually a bad rom-com, save for almost famous.  but regardless, she looked great.  her hair was such a great shade of blonde and the style was simple and elegant and went perfectly with her whole ensemble.  her makeup was also a perfect match for her hair and outfit.  the simple lip was a great way to even further put all emphasis on her smoky eye.  flawlessly executed.
best dressed (male): kevin spacey
image from
this is a huge step for me.  i usually hate any tux that isn't traditional black, but kevin spacey has changed my tune.  this could be my obsession with house of cards, but really he looked great on the red carpet.  and then the fact that he knows what the people want and spoke in his awesome southern accent in house of cards character while on the oscar stage was just icing on the cake.  bravo sir.
worst dressed: liza manelli
image from
crazy person coming through.  braless wonder on the red carpet.  liza looked a hot mess.  i actually didn't even realize this mess involved pants until now.  good god, use a stylist.  i can't even imagine how terrible the shoes are underneath those pants.  yucky all around.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

golden globes 2014

alright let's dive right in.  golden globes judgefest is underway.

best hair and makeup: olivia wilde
omggggg, girlfriend looked awesome.  forget the fact that she looks this good preggo, her hair and makeup was better than everyone else.  the ombre color, the effortless style, it's just perfection.  her hair is just so awesome and i can't get over it.  her eye makeup was also on point.  i loved that she didn't do a bold lip.  she went with just the eye makeup and it was killer.

best hottie with a body: kate beckinsale
i'm pretty sure kate beckinsale is the best looking person on the planet.  she doesn't age.  she always looks amazing.  she's just SO good looking.  she looked so hot per usual. 

and now best dressed: juliana margulies:
i was surprised by my choice on juliana, but she looked flawless.  i had to give her the big prize.  this dress is just so flattering in every way.  the cap sleeves, the deep v, the cinched waist.  i just loved it all.  her hair in the low messy bun perfectly showed off her shoulders and the neckline.  the statement earrings were stunning.  her makeup was simple and elegant, and her eyelashes looked amazing.  plus if you didn't know, her husband is loads of years younger than her and is so cute.  as an added bonus she laughed super hard at tina fey and amy poehler's awesome joke about george clooney only dating super young chicks.

honorable mention for looking awesome: amy poehler on the red carpet
image from
homegirl was looking so fly all night, but my fave was her red carpet look.  once again, her and tina absolutely killed it onstage, but before they even got there i spotted her rocking this black number on the red carpet.  the subtle mid section cut out, the contrasting belt, and the asymmetrical neckline looked just perfect.  it didn't hurt that her body is looking absolutely banging.  

and now worst dressed, which was a tie: drew barrymore and paula patton
image from
image from
okay, i realize drew is pregnant, but after seeing kerry washington and olivia wilde, she can't use that as an excuse.  this dress was just all wrong for her pregnant or not.  it just looked crazy.  and then bringing in the matchy shoes just did not work.  i couldn't put it all on drew though because paula patton looked downright horrendous.  plus, she couldn't even walk in the dress.  the shoulder just totally overpowered her and it just looked terrible.  both these ladies are stunning, but this night was just not their night.

and now some random thoughts from the night:
- i'm still confident that sarah hyland from modern family had a boob job.
- ooooh channing tatum and his pulsing jaw have arrived and he has bad facial hair.
- michelle dockery from downton abbey: so pale and so stunning.
- stop the presses, sofia vergara is not wearing a mermaid dress, but don't fret, she's still showing off the twins.
- bradley cooper, hello too tan man.
- come on leo, you brought your mom?  you always bring your mom.  take one of the models out for a spin once in a while.
- ooooh ben affleck.  still my fave.
- matthew mcconaughey's speech = perfection
- oh jared leto, you are so far from jared catalano level now.  sad.  your eyes are still piercing though.
- julia louis dreyfus looks amazing in red.
- aaron paul's wife is so hot.

Friday, January 3, 2014

wedding recap

way back on september 28th, AJD and i got hitched.  i never did any sort of official recap, so i'm going to let the photos do all the talking.  all photos below were taken by zac wolf photography.  zac is awesome and if you ever need a photographer, hire him.  you won't be disappointed.

wedding details:
ceremony location: pickering wharf, salem, ma
reception location: salem waterfront hotel, salem, ma
my dress: nicole miller
my shoes: ann taylor
my earrings: nadri
my hair comb: serendipity tiaras
AJD's suit and shirt: astor and black
AJD's tie: charles tyrwhitt
AJD's shoes: johnston and murphy
bridesmaids dresses: bill levkoff
groomsmen's suits and shirts: jos. a. bank
groomsmen's ties: brooks brothers
groomsmen's socks: j.crew factory
flowers: jeff french florals and event design
invitations: wedding paper divas
ceremony programs and donation cards: the paper store
bridal party hair: chroma salon, wakefield, ma
bridal party make up: to make beautiful, stoneham, ma
cake: d'amici's, melrose, ma
cake topper and table numbers: etsy