Wednesday, November 20, 2013

can we just talk about something for one minute

so one quick thing, t. swift looked phenomenal at the victoria's secret fashion show last week.  i have a love/hate relationship with t. swift.  i look at her as an adversary.  i have no reason why.  i just like to have a pretend feud with a pop star (notice i didn't say country star.  she is no longer country, i don't care what anyone says).  anywho, i give credit where credit is due.  you looked good girl.
also, there are rumors t.swift and my fave teen dreamboat harry styles are getting back together. watch yo'self bitch.  rivals once again. 

editor's note: i was incorrect.  t. swift is dating some random english dude that is not harry styles.  harry, on the other hand, went out on a date with the freshly turned 18 kendall jenner.  kendall is a babe and a kardashian, so their date is nothing serious, so i'm okay with it.

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