Monday, July 22, 2013

woah baby

i really didn't mean to take such an extended break.  i've just been really busy.  let's see what have i been up to since may 16th...

ajd and i moved into our new house and it looked like this for many weeks, which stopped me from blogging:
also, i've started taking the commuter rail, instead of the t.  for those of you that don't know boston, the t is the subway and the commuter rail is a legit train that only runs certain times.  at this point i've pretty much mastered making my respective train in the morning and at night.  i've only been insanely sweaty a few days when i have to "walk briskly" aka run like i'm being chased by zombies to make the train. 

also, i've been a good girl and joined a gym in my new town and like a good girl, i'm actually going.  this usually means that i go straight from the train to the gym so i get home around 7:30, eat dinner, and then go to bed.  ajd and i lead very exciting lives.

besides those changes, i also celebrated my wedding shower, and am balls deep in wedding planning.  seriously september can get here as quickly as possible cause i'm done with this planning bullshiiiiiiit.  i just want the day to be here already.  when people try to get my sympathy for how fast summer is going by, my response is usually "yeah, but not fast enough."  then they look at me like i have seventeen heads and i move on.

so i have no idea how often i'll be blogging, i'm still getting used to the new commute (even though it's been over a month since we've been here) and i'm just an all around busy gal lately.  but i am going to make an effort to blog, since i've been a total slacker.

also, just to keep you up to date, the songs that have been on repeat on my ipod as of late are:
totally random, i know.  my love for 90's music will never die.  i realize miley is a love or hate for people.  i used to be a hater, but now i'm a lover.  she's a weird chick, but i dig it lately.  bulletproof is strictly because i've been watching the movie pitch perfect on repeat and this song is featured (aca-excuse me!? the movie if you don't know the reference). it.  brave by sarah bareilles is my ultimate jam at the moment.  might dance around the kitchen to this on the reg...ask ajd, he's always impressed by my singing and dancing skills (aka he goes upstairs shaking his head when i do this).

and finally, i was birthday shopping for the nance (aka ma dukes) this weekend so i obviously shopped for myself as well.  don't fret, in my time away, i think i've gotten preppier:
why yes that's a white shirt covered in navy anchors.  is that a popped collar i spy?  and a striped lined summer blazer?  you better believe it.  banana republic is killing the prep game right now.

p.s. i realize that google reader ended july 1.  i never used it so it didn't affect me.  not sure if my thirteen faithful followers are down with it, but since i haven't opened blogger since may i haven't dealt with this yet.  please be patient.

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  1. ummm...HBO is repeating Pitch Perfect NONSTOP and I wanted to hate it sooooo much, but instead I find myself constantly getting sucked into it...I love the finale performance so much that its ooh...