Friday, May 10, 2013

friday ootd

yes, it was 70 and sunny today.  was i excited?  absolutely not.  my apartment was probably 95 degrees when i woke up.  for some ungodly reason i decided to wear my hair down.  the train was uber humid and of course delayed so by the time i got to work this morning, my face was beyond sweaty and my hair was a humid mess.  if i could find a climate where it's 60's and not humid all the time i would be a happy lady.  and that my friends is how you take a beautiful day weather wise and ruin it.  anyways, here's my outfit.  
shoes: sperry (old but you can buy them everywhere still); pants: banana republic sloan slim cropped (current); tank and cardigan: j.crew factory (old); necklace: gift; watch: burberry (old)

these pants are awesome.  everyone should buy them.  they're stretchy but don't stretch out, you know what i mean?  i really wanted the j.crew minnie pants, which are similar, but they have a side zipper.  i loathe side zippers on pants.  these pants are the same style but with a normal button/zipper and i think quite cheaper.  also this cardigan has had it.  it's looking quite worn even from far away.  up close it's even worse.  anyways, i dislike this outfit as a whole but frankly i was sweating this morning and just threw on some clothes so i could get out of the apartment.  pants are a win though.

p.s. i have been watching this video nonstop.  i may watch it every day on the train ride home.  it is amazing.

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