Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a photo a day

on my 30 before 30 list, number 17 is to complete a 30 pictures in 30 days list.  today is may 1st, so here we go.  i realize there are 31 days in may, but i can't help that i got motivated/remembered to do this at the start of a month that has 31 days.  there's a bunch of different lists out there of what you're supposed to take a picture on each day, but here's the one that i'm going with:

1. You
2. Your Breakfast
3. Something you love
4. Your mailbox
5. Something you wore
6. Something that makes you smile
7. Your favorite quote
8. Your sky
9. Something you use daily
10. Something from your childhood
11. Your favorite school binder - this makes so sense so i'll be substituting something for this
12. Your favorite shoe
13. Inside your bag/backpack
14. Something you’re reading
15. Something that makes you happy
16. Something you see every morning
17. Your water
18. Something you bought
19. Something sweet
20. Someone you like/love
21. A reflection of something
22. Your jacket
23. Something old
24. Your guilty pleasure
25. Something you made
26. Your favorite color
27. Your lunch
28. Your sunset
29. Inside you fridge
30. Nature.

i won't be posting my pictures everyday, but when i'm done, get ready for picture overload.  welp, number one says i should snap a pic of me, myself, and i, so i do what i'm told.

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