Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my girlfriend tory

this weekend while at the mall, i finally tried on tory burch reva flats.

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i've been wanting black/gold reva flats for years now.  they're super pricey.  i was mildly hoping that they wouldn't fit, so then i could move on and stop wanting them.  unfortunately that is not the case.  size 10 fit perfectly and they're oh so comfortable.  so now i will continue to ask for them at every birthday and christmas from here on out.  i basically want every flat shoe that tory burch makes, so i'd take the two below as well.
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so remember, size 10 black with gold toe reva flats are what i'm jonesing for.


  1. you realize i met tory burch in 2009? i look forward to your jealousy :) ballet did a meet & greet event at her store in venetian shoppes (yes that's shoppes with a pes)

    1. well "pes" makes it ultra fancy. did tory give you free shoes? then i'd be jealous.