Wednesday, March 13, 2013

half way

well since it's half way through the week, i figure it's time to do a weekend recap.  still playing catch up with the blog, sorry about that.

the weekend recap is basically a recap of sunday.  in the morning AJD and i ran in our first road race of the season.  just a quick 5k to celebrate st patty's day a little early.
after running we headed to a local pub for some post race beers and nachos.  after we put down an entire order of nachos for lunch, we called it a day.  i proceeded to pass out on the couch while AJD cooked me dinner.  AJD has a 30 before 30 of his own and one of his items is to cook me a dinner once a month.  sunday was march's dinner.
this month we had chipotle dijon chicken wings with greek yogurt blue cheese dipping sauce, jalapeno cornbread, and roasted brussel sprouts.  our household has a slight obsession with roasted brussel sprouts as you can tell by the portion size.  it was delish.  perfect way to end the day after running a road race and then napping all day.  successful sunday all around.

p.s if these pictures are upside down on facebook and smart phones, i'm sorry.  i still can't figure it out.

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