Friday, March 15, 2013

friday ootd

friday ootd is back!  this outfit is actually from many friday's ago, but i just never posted it.  today my outfit was very uneventful, so i'm posting an older outfit that i swear was worn on a friday.
shirt: gap (winter 2012), cropped wool pants: banana republic (winter 2012); shoes: dsw (current)

imagine these shoes in black, not grey.  i wore black all day but for the pictures i only had the grey ones at home.  one thing i learned about these wool cropped pants - they do not photograph well, especially after being worn all day.  the legs seem to stretch out easily and don't look ideal for outfit photos.  oh well, they're comfortable.  

also, this was pre-hair cut.  my hair got super long super quickly.  it's now still long but more manageable.  

oh yeah, i also still suck at photo editing.  have a good weekend!

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