Tuesday, March 26, 2013

he did it again

yup, still love joshua radin.  his new single is surprisingly upbeat for him, but amazing all the same.  the youtube video is not working but check out "when we're together" available on itunes today.  conveniently i won $50 in itunes gift cards by destroying my coworkers in picking this year's oscar winners.  i only got four wrong out of all the categories.  anyways, definitely used $1.29 on mr radin's new jam.

p.s. i watched the blind auditions on the voice tonight.  i only like the blind auditions and then i stop watching once the teams are picked, but the last chick who sang joan osborne's "one of us" was by the far the best of the night.  although she should've picked blake, not adam for her mentor.

Friday, March 22, 2013

friday ootd

my outfit today was terrible.  so in place of my own outfit, let's pretend that it wasn't 30 degrees out today.  instead, just imagine that it's really warm out and this would be the outfit that i would be wearing if i actually owned these clothes:
image from j.crew.com
i got a new j.crew catalog today and per usual, i want everything in it.  i love this outfit.  the skirt with the button details are different yet the overall style of the skirt is classic which i think looks best on most people.  the top's pattern is sort of a form of paisley, but not super traditional paisley which i think sometimes looks like a magic eye poster, so i like how this pattern is a little larger, but still eye catching and colorful.

and to finish the outfit, here are the shoes i'd rock with this:
                                                                                            image from j.crew.com
low wedges are in style!  huzzah!  whenever any kind of low heel comes into style i rejoice.  i also cry a little inside because it means i'm going to have to spend a lot of money on shoes that year to stock up on low heels.  but i mostly rejoice!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

fitting room round up

as i mentioned yesterday, this past sunday, AJD and i did some outlet shopping.  we picked up ties for the groomsmen in our wedding from brooks brothers outlet.  we both came up empty at j.crew factory store.  then we headed to banana republic factory store.  the whole place was 40% off which was a-mazing.  unfortunately i only had minimal luck with the fit of a bunch of different pieces.
the black and white dress i thought was going to be a winner, but the bottom was super stiff and super tight whereas the top fit, so the next size up was a no go.

the green dress with the white piping fit great, but the fabric was super strange.  the best way i can describe it was it felt like a nylon flag.  very odd.  didn't make the cut.

the black and white skirt was a super winner.  i already have worn it once this week (with tights of course).  i can't wait until spring to rock some bright colored tops with it.

the navy dress is actually all lace, but you can't tell in the picture.  it has some really delicate details in the back neckline which i like.  they were out of my size, so i got the next size up because i wasn't swimming in it and i can easily belt it for a more defined waist.

the other green dress was so unflattering.  it seemed like it accentuated my stomach.  definitely not a winner.

the green silk peplum shirt was the biggest disappointment.  i loved everything about it.  unfortunately my boobs loved nothing about it.  it was too tight in the chest and was getting pulled too much.  the next size up made the peplum looked baggy, which let me tell you, is not a good look.

anyways, i came away with a new skirt and dress for 40%.  can't be mad at that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

no green and no corned beef and cabbage

i used to go all out for saint patrick's day.  since i'm old now and awful at drinking, the fact that saint patrick's day was on a sunday this year did not get me excited for it.  instead AJD and i went outlet shopping in the morning (pictures to come in a future post).  then we headed to lynn, ma to check out monte's pizza and enjoy some adult beverages.

first up, i decided to take a picture of my outfit on sunday.  i usually only post work outfits, but on the weekend i like to keep it casual so this was my shopping outfit:
outfit details: suede flats: j.crew (current); modern skinny jeans: ann taylor (current); shirt: ann taylor loft (winter 2012)

after hitting up some fitting rooms, we headed to monte's pizza.  a lot of people have raved about monte's so we figured we'd try it out.  monte's is a dive bar that serves delicious bar style pizza.
i have to say the pepperoni was way better than the cheese.  the cheese side was just lacking flavor, but the pepperoni was spicy and gave it the kick it needed.  i'm not going to lie, monte's was good, but lynn is super inconvenient to get to from basically everywhere.  i also am pretty sure it has more stop lights than any place on earth.  the pizza wasn't to die for, so i don't think it will draw me back, but what will bring me back to monte's is the clientele.  i don't know if i'm by myself on this one, but i thoroughly enjoy a dive bar with some townie old dudes.  the old dudes who had saddled up to the bar for the afternoon were simply amazing.  loads of entertainment.  flirting with the salty female bar tenders.  oodles of fun.  AJD shares my love of a good old man bar, so when we got out into the parking lot, his first sentence was, "we need to come back next sunday."

do i think monte's is going to be my go to spot?  nope.  will i return?  absolutely, but only in the afternoon when the old men are sure to be drinking and the salty bar tenders are sure to be pouring.

Friday, March 15, 2013

friday ootd

friday ootd is back!  this outfit is actually from many friday's ago, but i just never posted it.  today my outfit was very uneventful, so i'm posting an older outfit that i swear was worn on a friday.
shirt: gap (winter 2012), cropped wool pants: banana republic (winter 2012); shoes: dsw (current)

imagine these shoes in black, not grey.  i wore black all day but for the pictures i only had the grey ones at home.  one thing i learned about these wool cropped pants - they do not photograph well, especially after being worn all day.  the legs seem to stretch out easily and don't look ideal for outfit photos.  oh well, they're comfortable.  

also, this was pre-hair cut.  my hair got super long super quickly.  it's now still long but more manageable.  

oh yeah, i also still suck at photo editing.  have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

half way

well since it's half way through the week, i figure it's time to do a weekend recap.  still playing catch up with the blog, sorry about that.

the weekend recap is basically a recap of sunday.  in the morning AJD and i ran in our first road race of the season.  just a quick 5k to celebrate st patty's day a little early.
after running we headed to a local pub for some post race beers and nachos.  after we put down an entire order of nachos for lunch, we called it a day.  i proceeded to pass out on the couch while AJD cooked me dinner.  AJD has a 30 before 30 of his own and one of his items is to cook me a dinner once a month.  sunday was march's dinner.
this month we had chipotle dijon chicken wings with greek yogurt blue cheese dipping sauce, jalapeno cornbread, and roasted brussel sprouts.  our household has a slight obsession with roasted brussel sprouts as you can tell by the portion size.  it was delish.  perfect way to end the day after running a road race and then napping all day.  successful sunday all around.

p.s if these pictures are upside down on facebook and smart phones, i'm sorry.  i still can't figure it out.

Monday, March 11, 2013

life lately

i didn't plan on taking such a long break from the blog, but it happened.  life outside the blog aka real life has been stressful to very stressful lately.  it's still pretty stressful (hopefully will calm down in april, but march is still looking cray cray), but i'm going to post as much as i can.  i mean there are so many awesome spring clothes that i wish were hanging in my closet.  unfortunately they're not, but get ready for a lot of wish list posts.

anyways, to get back in the swing of things, my homegirl johanna sent me this awesome wordle for the blog.
i love how j.crew and banana were the first things i noticed.  this wordle made my day so i thought i'd share it.

p.s. for those of you who don't know what a wordle is, here's some education: "wordle is a toy for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide.  The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text."