Monday, February 4, 2013

hey wha happened?

um, so not sure if any of you partake in the train wreck known as teen mom 2, but i was blown away today.  i used to watch religiously, but it was just too ridiculous that i had to stop.  tonight while doing nineteen pounds of laundry there was legit nothing on, so i was watching teen mom 2.  nothing's changed, still a train wreck.  anyways, it wasn't the actual show that blew my mind, but a commercial for this week's episode.

i try not to swear on this blog (even though in real life i have a pretty bad potty mouth), but i can't come up with anything besides, what the fuck happened to jenelle's alleged baby daddy?
seriously bro, what happened to you?

for those of you that don't know the back story, jenelle got knocked up allegedly by andrew (above) (she isn't super sure he's definitely the dad), he took off when the baby was born and basically hasn't been on the show since.  jenelle is the hot mess who lost custody of her kid to her mom, is addicted to marijuana, and is always in and out of jail.  straight mess.  anyways, what happened to this kid?  drugs?  identity crisis?  what's going on?  i may have to tune in.  

you win this round mtv.  you got me.


  1. It's embarrassing how much I love this show..

  2. it's so addicting! it's like a car wreck. i just can't look away.