Friday, February 8, 2013

friday ootd

as most of the world knows, boston is currently getting hit by a blizzard.  in 20 minutes it's supposed to be the worst.  it's pretty crazy.  i can't wait to go outside and frolic in the snow.  why am i so happy about pounds of heavy snow?  because i live in an apartment building where i don't have to even think about picking up a shovel.  cleaning off the car?  nope.  underground parking for the win!

anyways, i only had to go to work this morning until noon.  it was glorious.  i didn't feel like getting very dolled up, so this is what i came up with:
outfit details: shoes - banana republic (winter 2012), pants - gap outlet (old), scarf - gap (winter 2011), sweater - j.crew (old)

p.s. gap has had a version of this scarf for the past two winters.  i highly suggest picking one up next year.  it is so. soft.  it also usually goes on sale at some point to under $10.  so worth it.

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