Wednesday, February 6, 2013

concerts and clothes

soooooooooooooooo, i'm a big mumford and sons fan.  i tried to buy tickets when they were released for their boston show to no avail.  AJD (being the good muffin that he is) set up a stubhub alert in case the tickets ever went below $100.  a half an hour before showtime they did, so what did we do?  snatch them up of course.

we made it about a half hour before they went on, so we didn't see any of the opening acts.  when we climbed up to our seats (which were last row balcony) there was a black curtain blocking the entire view of the stage.  this was quite disheartening.  i think if you listened in on everyone's conversations in our section, they all would have revolved around if they were going to open the curtain.  the second the first chord was strummed by mumford and sons, the curtain flew open and it was glorious.
i recommend everyone trying to see mumford and sons at some point.  so good.

i'm a little behind on posting about the weekend, so here's a quick update.  i went to the mall, but shockingly i only bought new mascara.  i did try a couple things on in the gap.
this dress is a size small.  i am not small, yet this dress is still baggy.  i had read reviews online talking about how gigantic this dress was, but i decided to try it out myself and i can confirm that it is in fact unnecessarily gigantic.
i actually really like this coat.  i was planning on waiting for it to go on sale and then using my christmas gift card on it, but this week i got a coupon in the mail from banana republic.  it featured a green jacket that looks awesome.  it's not online yet, but i will find this jacket and try it.  so this jacket gets put on the back burner for now.

p.s.  i obv checked in with teen mom and andrew is in fact jenelle's baby daddy (i know you were all on the edge of your seats to find out).

pps. ever since i got an iphone, when i take pictures with it and then post them on the blog they look fine when you look at the blog on a computer.  however, when you look on facebook or on a cell phone, the pics are upside down.  WHY?!  help me.

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