Tuesday, February 26, 2013

oscars 2013

alright let's do this.  no messing around.

the oscars red carpet was good, but not great.  i didn't think anyone looked hideous, but i also thought a lot of people just looked pretty not drop dead gorgeous (save my best dressed).

and without further ado here's the list:

best hair: jessica chastain (zero dark thirty)
image from glamour.com
girlfriend's hair was straight up beautiful.  the color, the length, the curls, the part.  all perfect.  she's been on a lot of best dressed lists and i agree she looked smashing but the color of her dress didn't blow me away.  i think if it was a unique bright color she would have been my best dressed.

best makeup/earrings: jennifer lawrence (silver linings playbook)
image from glamour.com
j. la brought it in the makeup and earrings department.  the slightly smokey eye and the beautiful earrings were a win in my book.  i wasn't a fan of her dress.  it reminded too much of an over the top wedding gown, but i can't deny that she looked amazing.  by the way, she handled falling on the stairs like no one else.  i also liked that hugh jackman offered to help her, but she just took a moment to laugh and curse at herself before getting up.  congrats lady.  

best bottom (of the dress): zoe saldana (the words) (yes i know i'm reaching with this category, but i wanted to make sure everyone saw the bottom of her dress cause i loved it.)
straight off the runway.  i loved the bottom of this dress.  i hated the belt, but the bottom is straight fire.  also her shoes are definite f me heels.  knee down zoe, you are rocking the red carpet.

best color on the carpet: kerry washington (django unchained) (i know again with the made up category but it's my blog so deal with it.  plus you get to look at more pretty pictures.)
image from glamour.com
coral for the win!  i wasn't a fan of the top of the dress, but this color was too good to pass up.

and drumroll please....

best dressed female at the 2013 oscars goes to: naomi watts (the impossible)
image from glamour.com
talk about a visually stunning dress.  the neckline and the fit put her over the top.  this dress literally looked like it was sewed to her body.  it fit her unbelievably.  the neckline was amazeballs.  the shimmery material was stunning.  also her makeup, hair, and jewelry were absolutely perfect.  standing ovation for miss naomi.

honorable mention for almost best dressed: olivia munn
image from catwalkqueen.tv
holy dress batman!  the color is stunning.  the bodice is beautiful.  truth be told, i didn't see her walk the carpet, i just saw pictures after the fact, but girlfriend was bringing the heat at the oscars.

and check out the view from the back:
image from justjared.com
best looking from behind!  miss munn for the win!

best dressed male: ben affleck (argo)
image from nydailynews.com
call me a homer if you want, but ben has just killed this whole awards season.  the salt and pepper hair.  the dazzling smile.  he's just the best in my mind.  also, i actually said out loud, "i think he's overtaken clooney for me."  this is a big statement.  i think AJD gasped when i said it.

worst dressed male: quentin tarantino (django unchained)
leather tie.  no.  undone collar. double no.  i know it's quentin and he doesn't conform, blah blah blah.  he looked terrible.

worst dressed female: anne hathaway (les miserables)
image from glamour.com
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccckkkkkkk.  hey girl, you have a banging body.  why would you wear this bad prom dress monstrosity.  you've annoyed the poo out of me all awards season with your interviews and speeches, but you are a hottie.  why would you wear this?  if the front wasn't bad enough, check out the back:
image from justjared.com
the top looked like a speedo swimsuit and the random tie and slit just did not work.  the necklace also didn't go with the neckline in the front or the back.  just a total disaster in my mind.

and to finish up, here are my random thoughts from the night:
- seacrest is back with the poofy mane
- noooo eddie redmayne!  what's going on with your hair?  it's accentuating your receding hairline.
- amy adams bring the red hair back.  your dress/face looks so washed out.
- samantha barks?  oh she was in les mis.  you are a serious babe.
- channing tatum grrr
- octavia spencer woah bad weave
- reese witherspoon booooring.  you've done this look before.
- amanda seyfried meh
- woah catharine zeta jones has had a lot of face work done.
- norah jones = prom hair
- melissa mccarthy woah hair!  looks like you stuck your head out the limo window.
- helen hunt.  congrats your dress is from h and m.  guess what, you can tell.  the quality is subpar and it's wrinkly.
- jane fonda = hello vegas
- charlize theron is so hot but the dress has been done before by anne hathaway and michelle williams
- jennifer aniston, your hair is so boring
- bradley cooper: never slick back your mane again.
- jennifer garner, love the color of your dress, but the back is too much to handle.
- sandra bullock is trying to recapture the year she won the oscar by dressing exactly the same way she did that year.
- salma hayek, just say no to tiaras and the neckline.
- chris pine yum.
- the cloons looks old (hard to say but true)
- renee zelwegger, you've got to be kidding me.  have you botoxed your face so much that it's permanently stuck on duck face?
- richard gere has the whitest hair on the planet.
- jack nicholson is still a creeper but still awesome.
- dear m'obama, i still don't like the bangs but you're so pretty.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

purple people eater

i just wanted to do a quick feature of this necklace from pittsburgh i got for christmas from my college homie lynne.  i'm slightly obsessed with it.  i may have worn it three days in a row when i first received it.  i've tried to tone it down now to once or twice a week, since i feel like i'm cheating on my other necklaces.  i love it.

p.s. if you are looking at this on facebook or on a smart phone, i apologize if it is upside down.  If you're on a regular computer it should look normal.  i still can't figure this out.  HELP ME!

Monday, February 18, 2013

fitting room round up

technically i tried these clothes on last week, but i was lazy and never blogged last week, so you get to enjoy the pictures today.
these are the clothes that were not winners.  some were close to being winners and some were far away.  the green jacket is the one that i've been dying to try on from banana republic that i mentioned in this post.  unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me in person.  the military style on the shoulders is fine, but it sat way too far back on my shoulders and looked weird.  also it has fake pockets (i.e. you can't put your hands in them) and that doesn't fly with me.  the green color is amazing though.  no cigar on this one.

the black dress (which has awesome black polka dots) was such a let down.  it's from j.crew, was on sale, and was an additional 30% off the sale price.  it was also super comfortable.  unfortunately they didn't have it in my size and the size i tried on was too big in the chest and if you saw a side view you'd be able to see a majority of my bra, so no dice.

the brown dotted j.crew sweater was a disaster.  i don't know if it was the color or the pattern, but it was just uber unflattering on me.  

the blue v-neck dress was the biggest disappointment.  i LOVED this dress.  again from j.crew, again on double sale, but again no dice.  this dress fit perfectly and was so flattering and comfortable, except for the fact that it was waaaaaay too short.  i'm bending my knee so you can't really tell in the picture but this dress barely covered my bum and lady bits.  not the look i wanted.
the red cardigan on the right i picked up on double sale at j.crew.  i then proceeded to wear it on valentine's day to be in the spirit.  super soft.  very nice.

the outfit on the left i tried on at banana republic.  i LOVED the skirt but it wasn't on sale so it didn't make sense to purchase.  it's light and cotton and fully lined, but needs to go on sale before i'll pull the trigger.  the dotted shirt i also loved except it did not love my boobs.  you can see the buttons pulling apart.  i tried the size up but it was way too wide, so this one did not come home with me.  if you're smaller chested, i highly recommend this shirt because it's really comfortable and flattering tucked into a skirt or worn with pants.

phew, that was a lot of describing my latest outing in the dressing rooms.  one quick note, the j.crew dressing room at copley place is SO hot.  it's like what i imagine being questioned in a police station is like.  banana republic at copley place on the other hand has the best mirrors in the game.

Friday, February 15, 2013

friday ootd

sorry about not posting the last four days, i got lazy.  i have zero excuses.  just laziness.

valentine's day was superb.  got some flowers from my boo and then we went out for mexican.
since i'm awful at drinking nowadays, i've been hungover all day due to too many margaritas.  it was worth it though.

and now onto the outfit of the day:
outfit details: boots - anne klein (old); tights - nordstrom rack; dress - banana republic (old); cardigan - j.crew factory (old); watch - michael kors (winter 2013)

i'm still working out my skills on photo editing.  clearly i'm not very good at it since all three of these pictures are slightly blurry and all different colors.  it's the best i can do for today.

also i'm a big fan of the fact that this dress looks like a watercolor painting up close, so i took a detail shot for you to enjoy on this friday.

Monday, February 11, 2013

snowflakes keep falling on my head

we survived the blizzard of 2013.  subway closings.  driving bans.  constant snow for 36 hours.  ahh february in massachusetts.  this is what we woke up to on saturday morning:
so yeah, no looking at the snow from the balcony for awhile.

anyways, AJD and i watched a ton of movies, tv, and ate our body weight in delicious homemade food.  good thing we didn't lose power cause i cooked up a storm all weekend.  by far the best things we made were 2 homemade pizzas/flatbreads on saturday night.  delicious pepperoni with the perfect blend of spices with fra diavlo sauce.  the second was using leftover pulled pork with barbecue sauce, carmelized onions, and monterey jack.  so good.
AJD and i did venture out to frolic in the snow.  i also checked another thing off my 30 before 30 list.  #10 check.  snow angel in 24 inches of snow.
we played in the snow for awhile, but it was legit a workout trudging through all the fresh powder.  when my quads were burning, we headed inside for more food and more tv.

ah blizzard 2013, i will remember you fondly.

Friday, February 8, 2013

friday ootd

as most of the world knows, boston is currently getting hit by a blizzard.  in 20 minutes it's supposed to be the worst.  it's pretty crazy.  i can't wait to go outside and frolic in the snow.  why am i so happy about pounds of heavy snow?  because i live in an apartment building where i don't have to even think about picking up a shovel.  cleaning off the car?  nope.  underground parking for the win!

anyways, i only had to go to work this morning until noon.  it was glorious.  i didn't feel like getting very dolled up, so this is what i came up with:
outfit details: shoes - banana republic (winter 2012), pants - gap outlet (old), scarf - gap (winter 2011), sweater - j.crew (old)

p.s. gap has had a version of this scarf for the past two winters.  i highly suggest picking one up next year.  it is so. soft.  it also usually goes on sale at some point to under $10.  so worth it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

concerts and clothes

soooooooooooooooo, i'm a big mumford and sons fan.  i tried to buy tickets when they were released for their boston show to no avail.  AJD (being the good muffin that he is) set up a stubhub alert in case the tickets ever went below $100.  a half an hour before showtime they did, so what did we do?  snatch them up of course.

we made it about a half hour before they went on, so we didn't see any of the opening acts.  when we climbed up to our seats (which were last row balcony) there was a black curtain blocking the entire view of the stage.  this was quite disheartening.  i think if you listened in on everyone's conversations in our section, they all would have revolved around if they were going to open the curtain.  the second the first chord was strummed by mumford and sons, the curtain flew open and it was glorious.
i recommend everyone trying to see mumford and sons at some point.  so good.

i'm a little behind on posting about the weekend, so here's a quick update.  i went to the mall, but shockingly i only bought new mascara.  i did try a couple things on in the gap.
this dress is a size small.  i am not small, yet this dress is still baggy.  i had read reviews online talking about how gigantic this dress was, but i decided to try it out myself and i can confirm that it is in fact unnecessarily gigantic.
i actually really like this coat.  i was planning on waiting for it to go on sale and then using my christmas gift card on it, but this week i got a coupon in the mail from banana republic.  it featured a green jacket that looks awesome.  it's not online yet, but i will find this jacket and try it.  so this jacket gets put on the back burner for now.

p.s.  i obv checked in with teen mom and andrew is in fact jenelle's baby daddy (i know you were all on the edge of your seats to find out).

pps. ever since i got an iphone, when i take pictures with it and then post them on the blog they look fine when you look at the blog on a computer.  however, when you look on facebook or on a cell phone, the pics are upside down.  WHY?!  help me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

hey wha happened?

um, so not sure if any of you partake in the train wreck known as teen mom 2, but i was blown away today.  i used to watch religiously, but it was just too ridiculous that i had to stop.  tonight while doing nineteen pounds of laundry there was legit nothing on, so i was watching teen mom 2.  nothing's changed, still a train wreck.  anyways, it wasn't the actual show that blew my mind, but a commercial for this week's episode.

i try not to swear on this blog (even though in real life i have a pretty bad potty mouth), but i can't come up with anything besides, what the fuck happened to jenelle's alleged baby daddy?
seriously bro, what happened to you?

for those of you that don't know the back story, jenelle got knocked up allegedly by andrew (above) (she isn't super sure he's definitely the dad), he took off when the baby was born and basically hasn't been on the show since.  jenelle is the hot mess who lost custody of her kid to her mom, is addicted to marijuana, and is always in and out of jail.  straight mess.  anyways, what happened to this kid?  drugs?  identity crisis?  what's going on?  i may have to tune in.  

you win this round mtv.  you got me.