Tuesday, January 22, 2013

telling time in style

i've been planning on adding to my watch collection for awhile.  when i say watch collection, i mean i have one watch and i want more.  so i guess after this weekend, i can now say i have a collection of two.
i wanted a gold watch, but when i laid eyes on this rose gold beauty, i knew it was perfect.  the dark leather strap is such a good contrast to the rose gold face, i was instantly in love.  originally i had been eyeing the tortoise and gold michael kors watches.  i still like them, but i was unwilling to shell out 200 plus dollars for a watch that has a plastic band.  i'm super clumsy and frankly i would have dropped it and i guarantee the band would have broke immediately.  i'm still a fan of the tortoise, but i hope m.kors upgrades the band material.  in the mean time i'll be super on trend with my new rose gold beauty.

p.s. i snatched this girl up at macy's using a bunch of random gifts cards i had from returning various things, so the overall cost wasn't so much of a hit to the bank account.

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