Wednesday, January 2, 2013

oh wow it's january, will you look at that

i didn't plan on taking a week off from the blog, but oh well it happened.  i spent the last week only going to work twice (which was glorious), watching a whole bunch of sons of anarchy, seeing the hobbit in imax 3d and django unchained, and ringing in the new year with some friends, and of course spending basically all my time with my boo, AJD.

we started sons of anarchy around christmas and we're on season 3.  when we start a tv show, we don't mess around.

regarding the hobbit, i don't think human brains are ready for imax 3d for a 3 hour movie.  i'm not lying when i say my brain hurt after watching the hobbit.  while it was going on, it was so visually stimulating, i don't think i closed my eyes.  this resulted in me having this weird pressure like feeling in the front of my head afterwards.  so yeah, i don't think humanity is ready for this type of eye stimulation, or maybe i'm just a weirdo.  anyways, i really liked the hobbit, although i find it absolutely redonkulous that it's being split into 3 movies.  way too long, but still the mind of peter jackson is just amazing.

django unchained was pretty great as well.  quentin tarantino's movies are always ridiculous and overly violent, but jamie foxx was amazeballs as django.  as amazing as he was, christoph waltz stole the show for me.  his character was so awesome and he did such a good job throughout the entirety of the movie.  it was slightly odd to be laughing at don johnson and jonah hill as kkk members, but that's what quentin tarantino does in his movies.  he somehow makes the introduction of the kkk into a ridiculously hilarious scene.  

AJD and i also watched looper last night to end our tv/movie marathon.  i haven't quite processed this movie.  it was such an interesting concept, but i found the movie very disturbing and i had a hard time falling asleep after.  this also could be due to the fact that i had to go to work after having multiple relaxing days off, but i digress.

new year's was spent up on the north shore of massachusetts with a few friends playing drinking games for an ungodly amount of time.  we literally played asshole for about 2-3 hours.  anyways, i thought i'd share my outfit that i wore to see the hobbit and then repeated on new year's.  the shirt is courtesy of miss andrea from my christmas haul from her and the earrings came from the jess jess, aka my big sister.

earrings: pier 1 imports; shirt: gap; jeans: ann taylor; boots: kenneth cole gentle souls


  1. ok so i saw looper last week and i did not like was mainly bc i got too caught up in the major plot flaw that his future self could simultaneously die and also somehow be alive. And, for a period of time I thought maybe he was the creepy esp child...but then i figured out he wasn't. Also, when did joseph gordon leavitt get hot? He used to be so dorky and then he does 500 days of summer and he's hot now. Also, Mark and I finished Homeland this weekend and I need to discuss with you. And apparently we need to discuss SOA as well bc I watch that religiously. I also watched the remake of total recall with colin farrel. FYI Colin Farrel is still hot. The movie was entertaining.

  2. also glad you liked the earrings :)

  3. agreed colin farrell gets better with age, but total recall was terrible. mostly because jessica biel was in it and she is subpar. kate beckinsale as a bitch though seemed very easy for her to play.

    1. kate beckinsale played psycho really well...i also hate jessica beale and wish she did not marry Justin. It makes me think less of Justin. When I told Mark they got married he agreed. But then, we discussed how Justin has always dated terrible people. And out of Britney, Cameron and Jessica, Jessica is superior.