Monday, January 7, 2013

mashed potatoes are delicious

this weekend was another quiet one mostly.  we watched a few more movies (the amazing spiderman, 10 years, and wrath of the titans).  all were pretty meh.

the best thing that happened all weekend was AJD cooked dinner.
shepherd's pie, get in my belly!  oh mashed potatoes, how i love thee.  i think i "taste tested" the mashed potatoes 35 times before the remaining made it onto the top of the pie.  also please note the fancy new le creuset dish.  mama dukes got me two for christmas.  so delightful and perfect for shepherd's pie.

then today was a long day of work.  there was a 5 p.m. deadline, so once the work was submitted, i headed to the bar.
baxter brewing co. autumn ale gets two thumbs up from me.  it was frosty and delicious and new to me.  i'm a big fan of every baxter beer that i've tried, so i figured it was a safe bet.

when i got home i crushed like 17 hours of the biggest loser.  so after mashed potatoes, beer, and the biggest loser, i guess i should go to the gym tomorrow.

p.s. to anyone who watched the biggest loser, do you think the contestants swear at jillian?  at the very least shush her?  i had my trusty dvr remote so i could fast forward through all her squawking (and all the heart warming moments, i watch for crazy bob harper not tears and whines).  but really, she never stopped talking all 72 hours of the first two episodes (no really, the episodes just get longer and longer every season.  it's beyond ridiculous).  i'd be dropping a whole bunch o'grown up words at her.

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