Friday, January 4, 2013

friday ootd

i decided since it's a new year, there should be a new friday feature.  last year i did friday love, well welcome to the future: friday ootd (outfit of the day).  every friday i'll take pictures of what i'm wearing and tell you where i got everything i'm wearing.  hopefully i'll do this pre-work since it's pitch black when i come home.  you're in luck, today i took pictures before work.  since it was pre-breakfast, only one picture is up to snuff (or as close to up to snuff as i'm going to get).  so without further ado, i give you friday ootd:
outfit details: striped shirt - ann taylor; necklace - unknown (gift); watch - burberry from nordstrom; wool skirt - j.crew; hunter green tights - merona from target; socks - dsw; boots - anne klein from (now amazon fashion)

happy weekend!


  1. Are those just reg high socks that you wear over tights? I've tried this look with leg warmers but they are a little bunchy.

  2. Yeah they're actually pretty thin and stretchy. Still keep your legs warm, but fit way better under boots. I've tried doing the same thing with wool socks (similar to leg warmers) but I agree, they get too bunchy.

  3. Thanksss I am going to get some and perhaps I'll photo me leeggs to show you how they look lol.

  4. so cute but I especially love that skirt. Did you get it recently?

    1. unfortunately it was from winter 2011. they didn't have anything comparable this season. i'm hoping they bring it back next year because it's wool so it will last forever and it's so comfortable. i'm in need of it in more colors.