Thursday, January 31, 2013

five things

1. i hate jean jackets and leather jackets (on me).  i think they look amazing on other people but on me i don't think i can think of anything worse.
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2. i've loved every live performance i've seen and every song that plays on the radio from bruno mars, but i've never bought/downloaded any of his music.  can't explain it.  just haven't.  on a side note, i think he would make the world's best wedding performer.
3. i really regret two things in my life.  the first is not studying abroad in college (such a huge mistake) and the second is not pursuing fully learning to speak french.  i can read it really well and write it okay, but i'm straight up awful when it comes to speaking.
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4. boston was the one place that i vowed i would never live after college.  welp, it's been seven years, i guess that's out the window.
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5. i'm awful at winter sports.  i've skied once and snowboarded a few times, i'm just not good at either.  when it comes to ice skating though, i've never met anyone worse at it than me.  

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