Wednesday, January 23, 2013

do you stella and dot?

have you heard of stella and dot?  it's all the rage with fashion bloggers.  chicks can't get enough.  the big thing with stella and dot is they like to do the whole "as seen worn by... insert your favorite celebrity" on their website.  sort of like in us weekly when they do the whole stars are just like us section.  they use plastic bags!  they tie their shoes!  i love that section strictly for unintentional humor.

anyways, i got invited to a stella and dot jewelry party.  unfortunately i was unable to attend, which i actually felt bad about it.  missing a wedding shower or baby shower, i will never feel bad about.  missing a jewelry party hurts my heart.  why you ask?  have you ever hosted a jewelry party?  if you have, you know that the host gets tons o'free stuff depending on how much the people you invite buy.  i would never want to deprive a jewelry party host of free stuff.  it really is magical at the end of a jewelry party to have the final tally of what people bought and then someone telling you, you have like $400 to spend on whatever jewelry you want.  so, in conclusion, if you ever want me to come over your house, invite me to a jewelry party.

wow, so many sidetracks in this post.  moral of the story is since i couldn't go, i wanted my friend to get free stuff, so i got to purchase things online that would be credited to her.  perfect.
such pretty packaging and navy blue drop earrings... don't mind if i do.

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