Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 golden globes recap

sorry for the delay, but get ready for judge city cause sunday was the golden globes.  i have to say overall, i wasn't wowed by anyone.  there wasn't anyone that walked on the screen that made me stop in my tracks, but there still were some peeps that looked amazing and others that... well not so much.

let's start it off with best hair.  it was silver linings domination in the hair category, bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence.
image from hollywoodlife.com
image from tvnz.co.nz
bradley cooper doesn't have hair, he has a mane.  jennifer lawrence's hair was so intricate and awesome.  i mean she's such a hottie that she can pretty much do no wrong in my mind.

coming up next, is best dressed male, which was obviously daniel craig.
image from socialitelife.com
he's freaking james bond.  obviously he looks amazing in a tux.  rachel weisz, not a fan of the dress, but no one is looking at you.  hello daniel.

best for the ladies, i have to give it to my main gal, connie britton.
image from huffingtonpost.com
girlfriend just looks fabulous 24/7.  she seriously never looks bad.  plus she was tammy taylor on friday night lights and i just can't quit her.  her dress and hair were very simple, but i just thought overall she looked stunning.

and now we're on to my favorite.  worst dressed.  we're going with a tie between lucy liu and ariel winter.
image from doobybrain.com
hey luce, you look like you let a crazy old lady pick your dress.  the pattern, the poofiness, i just can't handle.  fail.
image from digitalspy.com
ariel, hun, who did this to you?  you always look so great at awards show, but this pastel monstrosity was an epic fail.  your shoes are straight fire though.

honorable mention for looking smoking hot: katharine mcphee.
image from huffingtonpost.com
she looked so hot, even ryan seacrest was thrown off by her chesticles during her interview.  unfortch, this look was done years ago by j. lo.  
image from usmagazine.com
ah bennifer.  not exactly the same dress, but as soon as i saw katharine mcphee on the red carpet, i immediately thought of 2004 and the disaster that was bennifer.

and now here are the random thoughts that i wrote down (yes i take notes while watching red carpet and award shows) while watching on sunday:

- guiliana rancic and kelly osborne pre show dresses = hot messes.
- debra messing, you look exactly the same all the time at every awards show.
- holy moly, claire danes pulled a beyonce.  you did not just poop out a baby a month ago.
- hayden panettiere is so fraking short and your eyebrows are mildly scary.
- julianne hough's dress...woof
- meghan fox is such a b-word on the red carpet.
- lots o'red dresses.
- zooey deschanel's dress focuses too much on her hips and makes her look quite wide, not a good look.
- mayim bialik...yuck.
- lena dunham, i love you, but terrible dress and get some shoes you can walk in.
- amy poehler on the red carpet...boobs!
- tina fey trying to walk down the stair after getting interviewed by ryan seacrest and just yelling "oh god" over and over again made me laugh out loud.
- sarah hyland, boob job?  yes or no?  leaning towards yes.
- aziz ansari was by far the best red carpet interview.  he is da bomb.
- jessica chastain what happened?  last year you were one of my award show favorites.  this year your dress makes you look like you have droopy boobs.
- best looking from behind...naomi watts.  love the color too!
- adele is the absolute greatest.  her acceptance speech was so freaking delightful.
- oh ben affleck, like a fine wine you just keep getting better with age.

in conclusion, i thought this year's show was so much more enjoyable than any show in a long time.  this was entirely due to tina fey and amy poehler hosting.  amy definitely stole the show, but miss tina had some great lines as well.  moral of the story, this dynamic duo should host everything, ever.

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