Thursday, January 31, 2013

five things

1. i hate jean jackets and leather jackets (on me).  i think they look amazing on other people but on me i don't think i can think of anything worse.
image from
2. i've loved every live performance i've seen and every song that plays on the radio from bruno mars, but i've never bought/downloaded any of his music.  can't explain it.  just haven't.  on a side note, i think he would make the world's best wedding performer.
3. i really regret two things in my life.  the first is not studying abroad in college (such a huge mistake) and the second is not pursuing fully learning to speak french.  i can read it really well and write it okay, but i'm straight up awful when it comes to speaking.
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4. boston was the one place that i vowed i would never live after college.  welp, it's been seven years, i guess that's out the window.
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5. i'm awful at winter sports.  i've skied once and snowboarded a few times, i'm just not good at either.  when it comes to ice skating though, i've never met anyone worse at it than me.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sag awards 2013 recap

woohoo awards season!  can't stop, won't stop.  i thought the sag awards this year outdid the golden globes.  way more hits, but still alot of misses.  let's get this party started.

best dressed male: jim parsons (the big bang theory)
image from
i usually only like traditional suits/tuxes, but i just loved the charcoal texture of his tux.  i think he hit it out of the park.
tie for best dressed female between jessica chastain (zero dark thirty) and naomi watts (the impossible):
and she's back ladies and gentlemen.  i knew the golden globes mess had to be a fluke.  this alexander mcqueen dress was stunning in hd.  the color was so bright.  it fit her like a glove.  she looked amazing.
naomi has been lingering around the top of my best dressed lists for years now.  she always looks great, but at the sag awards i was blown away.  the intricacy in this marchesa dress was simply stunning.
and finally, the tie for worst dressed goes to ariel winter (modern family) and julianna moore (game change):
who in the world is dressing this poor girl?  she's 14.  why is she wearing long sleeves?  why is she wearing peach?  she's not a grandma.  i'm so disappointed.
image from
this pains me to say, but julianne, you need a bra.  i think julianne moore is flat out beautiful.  the fact that she was worst dressed hurt my heart.  i just hated everything about this dress.  the plunging neckline, the stick-on-like flowers, the lack of color.  just hated everything about it.   you can't see them, but her earrings were stunning (julianne can't be all bad).
and now, here are my random thoughts from watching the red carpet:
- rose byrne, you were almost worst dressed.  actually it could have been a three way tie.
- LOVE guiliana rancic's dress.
- eddie redmayne, oh so pretty, oh so pretty.
- morena baccarin (mom from homeland), wear some color will you.
- ellie kemper looks like she's wearing an old dance costume in long length.
- mark salling, just no.  no on the hair.  no on talking about jesus on the red carpet.
- peter facinelli, just yum.
- kerry washington looks like she's wearing an ugly wedding dress.
- downton abbey side boob hello.
- elisabeth moss: love the hair color.  the lace and sequin combo on the dress was different but it worked for me.
- a lot of black in general.  kind of boring.  hope this isn't an oscar trend.
- bradley cooper and his mane are back and they're beautiful.
- oh freida pinto and dev patel, you may be the cutest couple ever created.
- amanda seyfried in the navy zac posen: such a knockout.
- jennifer lawrence: very simple dress and i don't like the hair (downgrade from the golden globes.  she'll nail it at the oscars.  fingers crossed!).
- julie bowen looks mildly like a mad max extra but her makeup is straight fire.
- ben affleck.  omg.  so handsome.  i think i may like him more than the cloons.

Monday, January 28, 2013

friday ootd on a monday

i was so close to doing a blog post almost every day last week.  i guess i got a little over zealous, but do not fear, i did take my picture before work  i just went out for drinks after work and didn't get home until after 11 and thus i went to bed without posting anything.

then it was saturday and sunday and i like to be sans computer for most of the weekend since i'm basically staring at a computer screen all week.  i try to save my eyes for most of the weekend.

and guess what, i didn't wear a skirt, tights, and boots this week.  huzzah!
outfit details: shoes - dsw (imagine these are black and not grey.  i wore identical shoes in black when i got to work); black pants - ann taylor (old); shirt - gap (fall 2012); scarf - h&m (old)

few things to notice here (besides the fact that this is a crazy awkward picture):
1. i'm in desperate need of a haircut.  my hair just started growing like a serious weed lately.  unfortunately i don't have an appointment until the end of february, so just call me rapunzel.
2. if you actually saw me on the street i would have been wearing a big puffy north face coat and my old dirty ugg boots.  as you probably know it's been beyond cold in boston lately and any skin showing is a no go.  i don't care that ugg boots are ugly as sin, they. are. so. warm.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

pizza party with katniss

tonight i'm eating this:
and watching this:
image from
so i don't have time to blog.  have i mentioned i have a gigantic crush on jennifer lawrence?  forget bradley copper, j. la is where its at.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

do you stella and dot?

have you heard of stella and dot?  it's all the rage with fashion bloggers.  chicks can't get enough.  the big thing with stella and dot is they like to do the whole "as seen worn by... insert your favorite celebrity" on their website.  sort of like in us weekly when they do the whole stars are just like us section.  they use plastic bags!  they tie their shoes!  i love that section strictly for unintentional humor.

anyways, i got invited to a stella and dot jewelry party.  unfortunately i was unable to attend, which i actually felt bad about it.  missing a wedding shower or baby shower, i will never feel bad about.  missing a jewelry party hurts my heart.  why you ask?  have you ever hosted a jewelry party?  if you have, you know that the host gets tons o'free stuff depending on how much the people you invite buy.  i would never want to deprive a jewelry party host of free stuff.  it really is magical at the end of a jewelry party to have the final tally of what people bought and then someone telling you, you have like $400 to spend on whatever jewelry you want.  so, in conclusion, if you ever want me to come over your house, invite me to a jewelry party.

wow, so many sidetracks in this post.  moral of the story is since i couldn't go, i wanted my friend to get free stuff, so i got to purchase things online that would be credited to her.  perfect.
such pretty packaging and navy blue drop earrings... don't mind if i do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

telling time in style

i've been planning on adding to my watch collection for awhile.  when i say watch collection, i mean i have one watch and i want more.  so i guess after this weekend, i can now say i have a collection of two.
i wanted a gold watch, but when i laid eyes on this rose gold beauty, i knew it was perfect.  the dark leather strap is such a good contrast to the rose gold face, i was instantly in love.  originally i had been eyeing the tortoise and gold michael kors watches.  i still like them, but i was unwilling to shell out 200 plus dollars for a watch that has a plastic band.  i'm super clumsy and frankly i would have dropped it and i guarantee the band would have broke immediately.  i'm still a fan of the tortoise, but i hope m.kors upgrades the band material.  in the mean time i'll be super on trend with my new rose gold beauty.

p.s. i snatched this girl up at macy's using a bunch of random gifts cards i had from returning various things, so the overall cost wasn't so much of a hit to the bank account.

Monday, January 21, 2013

friday ootd on a monday

sorry for the radio silence on the blog ever since the golden globe recap.  i've been feeling like straight up dog poop all week.  fear not though, i did take photos before work on friday for my ootd feature.  unfortunately, i came home from work on friday and passed out in my bed, so the pictures never got posted until now.

i swear i wear other things besides skirts, tights, and boots on fridays.  i don't know why the last three fridays i've rocked the same type of outfit.  oh well, maybe you'll get lucky and i'll switch it up this week.  this outfit is comfortable and i was sick.
outfit details: shirt - j.crew perfect shirt (always available in varying colors); necklace - j.crew (old); skirt - gap (old); tights - target merona brand (always available); boots - kenneth cole gentle souls (old)

i don't know how people feel about mustard yellow.  i've always been a big proponent for it.  i understand that it just looks straight up bad on some people, but i've always been a believer that it works with my skin tone and hair color.  i could be wrong, but i hope not cause i'm a fan.  this skirt is pleated, has pockets, and an elastic waist, aka the perfect formula for a friday.  it's on the shorter side for work appropriate, but on a friday, i'll allow it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 golden globes recap

sorry for the delay, but get ready for judge city cause sunday was the golden globes.  i have to say overall, i wasn't wowed by anyone.  there wasn't anyone that walked on the screen that made me stop in my tracks, but there still were some peeps that looked amazing and others that... well not so much.

let's start it off with best hair.  it was silver linings domination in the hair category, bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence.
image from
image from
bradley cooper doesn't have hair, he has a mane.  jennifer lawrence's hair was so intricate and awesome.  i mean she's such a hottie that she can pretty much do no wrong in my mind.

coming up next, is best dressed male, which was obviously daniel craig.
image from
he's freaking james bond.  obviously he looks amazing in a tux.  rachel weisz, not a fan of the dress, but no one is looking at you.  hello daniel.

best for the ladies, i have to give it to my main gal, connie britton.
image from
girlfriend just looks fabulous 24/7.  she seriously never looks bad.  plus she was tammy taylor on friday night lights and i just can't quit her.  her dress and hair were very simple, but i just thought overall she looked stunning.

and now we're on to my favorite.  worst dressed.  we're going with a tie between lucy liu and ariel winter.
image from
hey luce, you look like you let a crazy old lady pick your dress.  the pattern, the poofiness, i just can't handle.  fail.
image from
ariel, hun, who did this to you?  you always look so great at awards show, but this pastel monstrosity was an epic fail.  your shoes are straight fire though.

honorable mention for looking smoking hot: katharine mcphee.
image from
she looked so hot, even ryan seacrest was thrown off by her chesticles during her interview.  unfortch, this look was done years ago by j. lo.  
image from
ah bennifer.  not exactly the same dress, but as soon as i saw katharine mcphee on the red carpet, i immediately thought of 2004 and the disaster that was bennifer.

and now here are the random thoughts that i wrote down (yes i take notes while watching red carpet and award shows) while watching on sunday:

- guiliana rancic and kelly osborne pre show dresses = hot messes.
- debra messing, you look exactly the same all the time at every awards show.
- holy moly, claire danes pulled a beyonce.  you did not just poop out a baby a month ago.
- hayden panettiere is so fraking short and your eyebrows are mildly scary.
- julianne hough's dress...woof
- meghan fox is such a b-word on the red carpet.
- lots o'red dresses.
- zooey deschanel's dress focuses too much on her hips and makes her look quite wide, not a good look.
- mayim bialik...yuck.
- lena dunham, i love you, but terrible dress and get some shoes you can walk in.
- amy poehler on the red carpet...boobs!
- tina fey trying to walk down the stair after getting interviewed by ryan seacrest and just yelling "oh god" over and over again made me laugh out loud.
- sarah hyland, boob job?  yes or no?  leaning towards yes.
- aziz ansari was by far the best red carpet interview.  he is da bomb.
- jessica chastain what happened?  last year you were one of my award show favorites.  this year your dress makes you look like you have droopy boobs.
- best looking from behind...naomi watts.  love the color too!
- adele is the absolute greatest.  her acceptance speech was so freaking delightful.
- oh ben affleck, like a fine wine you just keep getting better with age.

in conclusion, i thought this year's show was so much more enjoyable than any show in a long time.  this was entirely due to tina fey and amy poehler hosting.  amy definitely stole the show, but miss tina had some great lines as well.  moral of the story, this dynamic duo should host everything, ever.

Friday, January 11, 2013

friday ootd

happy friday.  i tried to remember to add in when i bought specific parts of the outfit.  most of this week are past seasons.  enjoy today's ensemble:
shirt: gap (fall 2012)
skirt: j.crew no. 2 cotton pencil skirt (summer 2012)
tights: target, merona brand (current)
necklace: unknown (gift)
crystal bracelet: banana republic (winter 2012)
leather bracelet: banana republic (summer 2012...i think)
watch: nordstrom, burberry brand (current)
boots: kenneth cole gentle souls (old...?)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

stripes are nice

how purdy is the new case for my fancy new iphone?!
i bought it on the cheap from etsy from a place called casemasters.  it's super girly colorwise, but i love all things striped, so i'm super pumped.

only time for a quick post tonight.  i'm heading out with miss andrea for a sushi date.  mmm sushi.

Monday, January 7, 2013

mashed potatoes are delicious

this weekend was another quiet one mostly.  we watched a few more movies (the amazing spiderman, 10 years, and wrath of the titans).  all were pretty meh.

the best thing that happened all weekend was AJD cooked dinner.
shepherd's pie, get in my belly!  oh mashed potatoes, how i love thee.  i think i "taste tested" the mashed potatoes 35 times before the remaining made it onto the top of the pie.  also please note the fancy new le creuset dish.  mama dukes got me two for christmas.  so delightful and perfect for shepherd's pie.

then today was a long day of work.  there was a 5 p.m. deadline, so once the work was submitted, i headed to the bar.
baxter brewing co. autumn ale gets two thumbs up from me.  it was frosty and delicious and new to me.  i'm a big fan of every baxter beer that i've tried, so i figured it was a safe bet.

when i got home i crushed like 17 hours of the biggest loser.  so after mashed potatoes, beer, and the biggest loser, i guess i should go to the gym tomorrow.

p.s. to anyone who watched the biggest loser, do you think the contestants swear at jillian?  at the very least shush her?  i had my trusty dvr remote so i could fast forward through all her squawking (and all the heart warming moments, i watch for crazy bob harper not tears and whines).  but really, she never stopped talking all 72 hours of the first two episodes (no really, the episodes just get longer and longer every season.  it's beyond ridiculous).  i'd be dropping a whole bunch o'grown up words at her.

Friday, January 4, 2013

friday ootd

i decided since it's a new year, there should be a new friday feature.  last year i did friday love, well welcome to the future: friday ootd (outfit of the day).  every friday i'll take pictures of what i'm wearing and tell you where i got everything i'm wearing.  hopefully i'll do this pre-work since it's pitch black when i come home.  you're in luck, today i took pictures before work.  since it was pre-breakfast, only one picture is up to snuff (or as close to up to snuff as i'm going to get).  so without further ado, i give you friday ootd:
outfit details: striped shirt - ann taylor; necklace - unknown (gift); watch - burberry from nordstrom; wool skirt - j.crew; hunter green tights - merona from target; socks - dsw; boots - anne klein from (now amazon fashion)

happy weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

yup, i'm wearing an apron

yes folks, that's an apron.  not the most flattering picture, but it gets the job done.  just thought for the start of the new year, i'd give you an update on my 30 before 30 list.  i think i'm doing pretty well (save for the use the crock pot and food processor once a month - this is just not happening).  i've got eight months left.  let's do this.

1. go to a foreign country the i've never been to
2. go on a beach vacation
3. swim in the atlantic and pacific oceans in the same year – completed 8/25/12
4. take AJD to try indian food for the first time (i've had it, he hasn't)
5. go to the boston museum of modern art
6. run in at minimum 3 road races (any length)
7. buy fresh flowers for the apt, the first week of every month – aug, sept, oct (missing), nov, dec
8. cook a turkey dinner with all the fixings
9. go back to chicago with AJD to really explore (i went for work, so it didn't count)
10. make a snow angel (it's been a while)
11. make homemade pie, including crust, from scratch – completed 11/21/12
12. get a facial and start a skin care regime (or at least a moisturizer - i'm old now, it's time)
13. hike a mountain in maine or vermont – completed acadia mtn, me 8/17/12
14. transfer my 401k from my old job to my current job
15. watch casablanca, breakfast at tiffany's, all the godfather movies, and anchorman (anchorman 11/18/12)
16. track the number of miles i run for the year – ongoing via
17. complete a 30 pictures in 30 days challenge
18. fill the digital picture frame with pictures – completed 12/22/12
19. learn how to use the manual setting on my camera
20. get a new cell phone (maybe an iphone) with a colorful case - completed 12/31/12
21. put money into my savings account from every paycheck – ongoing
22. get down to pre-AJD weight (dating packs on the pounds.  i've already started, i've got 7 lbs to go) – completed 11/20/12
23. get an apron and wear while cooking so i stop ruining my clothes – completed 12/25/12
24. use my food processor at least once a month
25. use my crock pot at least once a month
26. visit family in utah
27. reread the great gatsby – completed 11/5/12
28. get off my high blood pressure meds or at least lower the dosage (this may not be possible since it's genetic but i'm going to give it the old college try)
29. get 25 blog followers
30. do a giveaway when i reach 25 followers

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

oh wow it's january, will you look at that

i didn't plan on taking a week off from the blog, but oh well it happened.  i spent the last week only going to work twice (which was glorious), watching a whole bunch of sons of anarchy, seeing the hobbit in imax 3d and django unchained, and ringing in the new year with some friends, and of course spending basically all my time with my boo, AJD.

we started sons of anarchy around christmas and we're on season 3.  when we start a tv show, we don't mess around.

regarding the hobbit, i don't think human brains are ready for imax 3d for a 3 hour movie.  i'm not lying when i say my brain hurt after watching the hobbit.  while it was going on, it was so visually stimulating, i don't think i closed my eyes.  this resulted in me having this weird pressure like feeling in the front of my head afterwards.  so yeah, i don't think humanity is ready for this type of eye stimulation, or maybe i'm just a weirdo.  anyways, i really liked the hobbit, although i find it absolutely redonkulous that it's being split into 3 movies.  way too long, but still the mind of peter jackson is just amazing.

django unchained was pretty great as well.  quentin tarantino's movies are always ridiculous and overly violent, but jamie foxx was amazeballs as django.  as amazing as he was, christoph waltz stole the show for me.  his character was so awesome and he did such a good job throughout the entirety of the movie.  it was slightly odd to be laughing at don johnson and jonah hill as kkk members, but that's what quentin tarantino does in his movies.  he somehow makes the introduction of the kkk into a ridiculously hilarious scene.  

AJD and i also watched looper last night to end our tv/movie marathon.  i haven't quite processed this movie.  it was such an interesting concept, but i found the movie very disturbing and i had a hard time falling asleep after.  this also could be due to the fact that i had to go to work after having multiple relaxing days off, but i digress.

new year's was spent up on the north shore of massachusetts with a few friends playing drinking games for an ungodly amount of time.  we literally played asshole for about 2-3 hours.  anyways, i thought i'd share my outfit that i wore to see the hobbit and then repeated on new year's.  the shirt is courtesy of miss andrea from my christmas haul from her and the earrings came from the jess jess, aka my big sister.

earrings: pier 1 imports; shirt: gap; jeans: ann taylor; boots: kenneth cole gentle souls