Wednesday, November 20, 2013

can we just talk about something for one minute

so one quick thing, t. swift looked phenomenal at the victoria's secret fashion show last week.  i have a love/hate relationship with t. swift.  i look at her as an adversary.  i have no reason why.  i just like to have a pretend feud with a pop star (notice i didn't say country star.  she is no longer country, i don't care what anyone says).  anywho, i give credit where credit is due.  you looked good girl.
also, there are rumors t.swift and my fave teen dreamboat harry styles are getting back together. watch yo'self bitch.  rivals once again. 

editor's note: i was incorrect.  t. swift is dating some random english dude that is not harry styles.  harry, on the other hand, went out on a date with the freshly turned 18 kendall jenner.  kendall is a babe and a kardashian, so their date is nothing serious, so i'm okay with it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 days, 30 pictures

As part of my 30 before 30, #17 was to complete a “30 pictures in 30 days” challenge.  I completed this way back in May, but I’m finally just getting around to posting it.  I had all these grand ideas that I would use my big girl camera and really get into this picture taking experience, but it basically just turned into me snapping random things on my iphone to fulfill the list requirements.  I’m really good at getting excited about something at the beginning, but if it doesn’t hold my interest, I really start to half ass it.  And without further ado, I give 30 pictures in 30 days:

1. You
2. Your Breakfast - yogurt, kashi bar, water.  pretty standard.

3. Something you love - celtics fo' life

4. Your mailbox - inside are spiderman stickers.  you're jealous, i know.

5. Something you wore - jeans, grey sweater, boat shoes.  super comfy.

6. Something that makes you smile - sunsets and hydrangeas

7. Your favorite quote - james and the giant peach is the best book ever.

8. Your sky - view from my office window

9. Something you use daily - brusha brusha brusha

10. Something from your childhood - me and my sis chilling on some giant blocks

11. Your favorite school binder - false, just some fancy soda

12. Your favorite shoe - leopard and red, so hot right now

13. Inside your bag/backpack - so much stuff

14. Something you’re reading - mormons are super interesting.

15. Something that makes you happy - kraft mac and cheese spirals

16. Something you see every morning - super exciting night stand

17. Your water - with downton abbey in the background

18. Something you bought - pistachio pizza from volturno in worcester. so. good.

19. Something sweet - ferrero rocher (always say this name in a whisper)

20. Someone you like/love - AJD, what a fox.

21. A reflection of something - trees in a puddle on my commute home

22. Your jacket - it was nice out, no jacket, straight cardigan

23. Something old - sweet coaster my grandma made back in the day

24. Your guilty pleasure - snapple iced tea.  sooooo good.

25. Something you made - check out those professional ribbon curls

26. Your favorite color - navy blue fo' life

27. Your lunch - smart ones, salad, 100 calorie cookies, and water.  i was uber healthy that day.

28. Your sunset - from my old apartment waiting for the elevator

29. Inside you fridge - turkey burgers were had for dins that night

30. Nature - flowersssssssss

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

go sox

tonight i'll be watching the red sox hopefully clinch the world series.  AJD and i were lucky enough to go to game 1 at fenway. 
we were really excited to be there.
even though we're obviously good luck charms, we'll be watching tonight from the couch.  not as exciting, but way warmer.

go sox.

p.s. there has been one single fly in our house for days.  it is the smartest, most agile fly i've ever encountered.  i will kill it.  i will.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

two years plus updates

wow.  august 6th.  the last time i did a blog post.  major fail.  actually, i've been busy.  a lot has gone on since august 6th.  the blog also celebrated it's 2 year anniversary on october 17th.  terrible two's here we come!  to kick off year two, here are the reasons i haven't blogged:
1. i turned 30.  AJD threw me multiple surprises.  one part involved make your own pizza at papa gino's (if you didn't do this as a birthday party multiple times as a child, your parents didn't love you).
the second part involved a surprise barbecue which ended in drinking/john deere time trials around the yard.  the best part of the time trial was that when AJD went, our neighbors cheered for him from their deck.  he didn't come in first, but he won best cheering section.  I realize I also owe an update on my 30 before 30, but that's a whole separate post.

2. AJD and i celebrated 5 years with a mexican feast.  the waitress forgot our tableside guacamole, but lucky for her my meal came with guac so i didn't have to throw down.

3. my homegirl, carolynne tied the knot.  thankfully even though it was the middle of august, it was the least sweaty summer wedding i've ever been to. 

4. AJD turned 30 and we celebrated by having a massive bbq and i surprised him by renting a tap mobile for the party.  seriously if you can find a brewery that lets you rent these, don't hesitate.  tap mobile's are straight fire.  make any party amazing.

5. then september rolled around and voila, i'm an old married lady!  and without further ado, here's AJD's first intro on the blog!  he said i couldn't post a picture of him on the blog until we were married and i held out.

what a babe, huh?
more wedding photos to come in the future...

6. after the wedding, we headed for some maxin and relaxin on nantucket.  it was glorious.  i highly suggest going somewhere after your wedding where you don't have plan a thing.  we're going to be going on a european adventure for our actual honeymoon soon enough but nantucket in the fall was just what the doctor ordered.

7. after our quick jaunt to nantucket, i whisked back for my homegirl andrea's wedding shower.  wedding season is not over in these parts.  

8. this past weekend, we celebrated miss andrea's bachelorette in portsmouth/portland.  it involved a whole lot of delicious food, beer, bubbly, and a whole lot of really good people watching.

anyways, i've been busy.  see i proved it with this recap.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


i'm mildly obsessed with this tumblr...

if you are an avid blog reader/writer this will make you howl.  page 5 is my favorite.

also i want this skirt:
prep for days!

Monday, July 22, 2013

woah baby

i really didn't mean to take such an extended break.  i've just been really busy.  let's see what have i been up to since may 16th...

ajd and i moved into our new house and it looked like this for many weeks, which stopped me from blogging:
also, i've started taking the commuter rail, instead of the t.  for those of you that don't know boston, the t is the subway and the commuter rail is a legit train that only runs certain times.  at this point i've pretty much mastered making my respective train in the morning and at night.  i've only been insanely sweaty a few days when i have to "walk briskly" aka run like i'm being chased by zombies to make the train. 

also, i've been a good girl and joined a gym in my new town and like a good girl, i'm actually going.  this usually means that i go straight from the train to the gym so i get home around 7:30, eat dinner, and then go to bed.  ajd and i lead very exciting lives.

besides those changes, i also celebrated my wedding shower, and am balls deep in wedding planning.  seriously september can get here as quickly as possible cause i'm done with this planning bullshiiiiiiit.  i just want the day to be here already.  when people try to get my sympathy for how fast summer is going by, my response is usually "yeah, but not fast enough."  then they look at me like i have seventeen heads and i move on.

so i have no idea how often i'll be blogging, i'm still getting used to the new commute (even though it's been over a month since we've been here) and i'm just an all around busy gal lately.  but i am going to make an effort to blog, since i've been a total slacker.

also, just to keep you up to date, the songs that have been on repeat on my ipod as of late are:
totally random, i know.  my love for 90's music will never die.  i realize miley is a love or hate for people.  i used to be a hater, but now i'm a lover.  she's a weird chick, but i dig it lately.  bulletproof is strictly because i've been watching the movie pitch perfect on repeat and this song is featured (aca-excuse me!? the movie if you don't know the reference). it.  brave by sarah bareilles is my ultimate jam at the moment.  might dance around the kitchen to this on the reg...ask ajd, he's always impressed by my singing and dancing skills (aka he goes upstairs shaking his head when i do this).

and finally, i was birthday shopping for the nance (aka ma dukes) this weekend so i obviously shopped for myself as well.  don't fret, in my time away, i think i've gotten preppier:
why yes that's a white shirt covered in navy anchors.  is that a popped collar i spy?  and a striped lined summer blazer?  you better believe it.  banana republic is killing the prep game right now.

p.s. i realize that google reader ended july 1.  i never used it so it didn't affect me.  not sure if my thirteen faithful followers are down with it, but since i haven't opened blogger since may i haven't dealt with this yet.  please be patient.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

get in my closet

you've heard of get in my belly, well i give you get in my closet!
image from

this kate spade beauty is perfection.  if i hadn't just bought a house, if i didn't have a wedding coming up in september, and if i had an unlimited supply of money this insanely perfect awesome bag would be all mine.  but unfortunately this beauty is $458.  boo hiss.  get on my level kate spade.

Friday, May 10, 2013

friday ootd

yes, it was 70 and sunny today.  was i excited?  absolutely not.  my apartment was probably 95 degrees when i woke up.  for some ungodly reason i decided to wear my hair down.  the train was uber humid and of course delayed so by the time i got to work this morning, my face was beyond sweaty and my hair was a humid mess.  if i could find a climate where it's 60's and not humid all the time i would be a happy lady.  and that my friends is how you take a beautiful day weather wise and ruin it.  anyways, here's my outfit.  
shoes: sperry (old but you can buy them everywhere still); pants: banana republic sloan slim cropped (current); tank and cardigan: j.crew factory (old); necklace: gift; watch: burberry (old)

these pants are awesome.  everyone should buy them.  they're stretchy but don't stretch out, you know what i mean?  i really wanted the j.crew minnie pants, which are similar, but they have a side zipper.  i loathe side zippers on pants.  these pants are the same style but with a normal button/zipper and i think quite cheaper.  also this cardigan has had it.  it's looking quite worn even from far away.  up close it's even worse.  anyways, i dislike this outfit as a whole but frankly i was sweating this morning and just threw on some clothes so i could get out of the apartment.  pants are a win though.

p.s. i have been watching this video nonstop.  i may watch it every day on the train ride home.  it is amazing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

fitting room round up

last week i checked out ann taylor loft's big 60% off sale.  unfortunately everything i liked was not part of the sale.  isn't that always the way.
i liked the blue tank, not on sale.  i really liked the striped dress (it has a cutout back and you can still wear a normal bra), they didn't have my size.  i loved the lace skirt, not on sale.  i may stalk out the skirt when it goes on sale.  everything else just wasn't doing it for me.  so not really a fun fitting room round up.  i view this as un-fun because i didn't buy anything.  new clothes are fun.  no new clothes is un-fun.

p.s. the met costume gala was last night.  who did this to elle fanning?  who was it?  this is just not right.
image from
elle fanning is supposed to look like this.  no excuses.  play like a champion.
image from
image from

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a photo a day

on my 30 before 30 list, number 17 is to complete a 30 pictures in 30 days list.  today is may 1st, so here we go.  i realize there are 31 days in may, but i can't help that i got motivated/remembered to do this at the start of a month that has 31 days.  there's a bunch of different lists out there of what you're supposed to take a picture on each day, but here's the one that i'm going with:

1. You
2. Your Breakfast
3. Something you love
4. Your mailbox
5. Something you wore
6. Something that makes you smile
7. Your favorite quote
8. Your sky
9. Something you use daily
10. Something from your childhood
11. Your favorite school binder - this makes so sense so i'll be substituting something for this
12. Your favorite shoe
13. Inside your bag/backpack
14. Something you’re reading
15. Something that makes you happy
16. Something you see every morning
17. Your water
18. Something you bought
19. Something sweet
20. Someone you like/love
21. A reflection of something
22. Your jacket
23. Something old
24. Your guilty pleasure
25. Something you made
26. Your favorite color
27. Your lunch
28. Your sunset
29. Inside you fridge
30. Nature.

i won't be posting my pictures everyday, but when i'm done, get ready for picture overload.  welp, number one says i should snap a pic of me, myself, and i, so i do what i'm told.

Friday, April 26, 2013

friday ootd

outfit details: shoes - rocket dog (old); pants - ann taylor (old); shirt - gap (spring 2013); necklace - j.crew (old)

this oxford shirt is so comfortable.  it's 11 pm and i'm still wearing it.  i'm now wearing it with sweat pants, which makes it even more comfortable.  also, if you notice an extra twist in my hair, i just got a trim and an awesome blow dry from my girl maria at kenzo salon in stoneham.  love getting my hair did on a friday.  extra love since i got to feature it on friday ootd.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

taste test

have you tried the three different flavors of lays that eva langoria has been hocking all over t.v.?  well i have and i have two words (warning: swear words aplenty are about to be dropped): fucking disgusting.  seriously i can't come up with a more accurate description.  one flavor after the other is more disgusting than the first.  the sriracha is the only one that i didn't want to spit out, but that's not saying much.  i didn't want to eat more than one chip of any flavor.  the cheesey garlic bread, i couldn't even eat a whole chip.  so fucking gross.  ew. i'm writing this over a week after i tried them and frankly i'm getting a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it.

so the moral of the story is, don't bother trying these flavors.  yuck.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

an outfit and some fly new threads

due to last week's insanity, i haven't posted an outfit in awhile, so voila!
outfit details - shirt: ann taylor (old); necklace: j.crew (2012); pants: ann taylor (old); shoes: banana republic (winter 2012)

this is actually the last time this shirt will be featured on the blog.  why?  because it is now housed in the garbage.  as you can see the mid section got super stretched out and constantly looks wrinkled.  also, there may have been a couple holes in the arm.  after wearing this, i headed to old navy to get a few new basic striped shirts, t shirts, and tanks.  old navy has tons of cute summer stuff, but i tried to stay away as much as i could and just focus on refreshing the basics in my wardrobe.  every one in awhile you need to just buy some basic and less exciting clothes.  and yes, i think of black or navy striped shirts as basics.

this past weekend i was running some errands and happened to stumble upon a gap in a strip mall.  i have this theory that when random clothing stores that normally are in malls are in strip malls or free standing, then they have more and better merchandise.  my theory was correct this weekend.
i picked up this bright striped shirt and this classic blue button up.  the striped shirt is beyond soft.  it will be perfect for spring and early summer.  the colors are so vibrant, i'm pumped to wear this more as the weather warms up.  the blue button up, i've been trying to find forever.  i finally found the perfect blue oxford shirt.  the best part about this purchase was the striped shirt was $6.99 and both were an additional 30% off.  through april 24th if you have a gap, banana, or old navy card, you'll get 30% off your entire purchase.  if you don't have a card, you still get 25% off your whole purchase.  so get shopping!

Monday, April 22, 2013

crazy town

last week in boston was in a word, surreal.  the tragedy at the marathon was one thing, but then the man hunt that followed on thursday and friday was just about the most unreal thing i've ever experienced.  the lives lost and those injured is just horrific to think about.  personally, thankfully everyone i knew who was at the finish line of the marathon was at least a block away from the explosions.  i'm so thankful for that.  friday was probably one of the strangest day of my life.  AJD and i couldn't go to work because the subway was completely shut down.  we literally stayed locked in our apartment watching the news from about 7 am until the manhunt ended around 10 pm.  i still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that it actually happened.  it doesn't seem like real life.  hopefully the one living suspect can shed some light on the reasoning behind this tragedy and that those directly affected feel some sort of closure.

tomorrow i'll get back to lighter subjects like clothes and food.  you know, my two favorite topics.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my girlfriend tory

this weekend while at the mall, i finally tried on tory burch reva flats.

image from
i've been wanting black/gold reva flats for years now.  they're super pricey.  i was mildly hoping that they wouldn't fit, so then i could move on and stop wanting them.  unfortunately that is not the case.  size 10 fit perfectly and they're oh so comfortable.  so now i will continue to ask for them at every birthday and christmas from here on out.  i basically want every flat shoe that tory burch makes, so i'd take the two below as well.
image from
image from
so remember, size 10 black with gold toe reva flats are what i'm jonesing for.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

weekend wrap up

this past weekend was a big one.  besides buying a house, it was my bester's 30th birthday.  somehow a few of us pulled off a big surprise bash.  it turned out excellently.  before the big surprise, miss andrea and i hit up the mall for a new birthday outfit and to get our nails did.
i tried on a bunch of different things in j.crew.  unfortunately only the red dress was a winner.  it was on sale and then all sale was an additional 30% off, so i got it for a steal and can wear it to one of the showers or rehearsals (and to work) i have coming up in the summer o'weddings.  i loved the pink dress with the different neckline, just not in that color.  if the navy or green goes on sale, i'll be sure to snag it up because it is a perfect work dress.  i absolutley loved the striped dress.  it was light and flowy, but man oh man it was short.  no idea why.  it fit everywhere else but just barely covered my bum.  everything else just didn't do it for me, so it went back on the rack.

after the mall we headed to get mani's and pedi's which were amazeballs.  we had herbal treatment on our legs and forearms.  blueberry for me, and lime for miss andrea.  it was oh so relaxing and made our skin so soft.  i opted for some tulip colored nails with a little sparkle on my ring fingers.
and here's the one picture i took from the surprise party.  me and my homegirls.

Monday, April 8, 2013

back in the saddle

you may have noticed that i've been super absent on the blog.  AJD and i have been super busy with real life lately.  but i'm happy to report that i'll have time to blog again because one big thing has been checked off our to do list...we bought a house!
we're super excited, but there's still a lot of work to do.  we still have our apartment for a couple more months so we have time to paint and refinish the floors before we have to move in.  the list of house projects is already piling up, so get ready for some before and after posts in the future.

i'll be back tomorrow with a weekend update and some pictures from life lately.  i promise it will actually happen.  i'm able to promise this because i already wrote the post.  ha!

p.s. today is my girl caitlin's birthday today.  she's one of my favorite people on the planet so send some positive birthday vibes her way today.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

he did it again

yup, still love joshua radin.  his new single is surprisingly upbeat for him, but amazing all the same.  the youtube video is not working but check out "when we're together" available on itunes today.  conveniently i won $50 in itunes gift cards by destroying my coworkers in picking this year's oscar winners.  i only got four wrong out of all the categories.  anyways, definitely used $1.29 on mr radin's new jam.

p.s. i watched the blind auditions on the voice tonight.  i only like the blind auditions and then i stop watching once the teams are picked, but the last chick who sang joan osborne's "one of us" was by the far the best of the night.  although she should've picked blake, not adam for her mentor.

Friday, March 22, 2013

friday ootd

my outfit today was terrible.  so in place of my own outfit, let's pretend that it wasn't 30 degrees out today.  instead, just imagine that it's really warm out and this would be the outfit that i would be wearing if i actually owned these clothes:
image from
i got a new j.crew catalog today and per usual, i want everything in it.  i love this outfit.  the skirt with the button details are different yet the overall style of the skirt is classic which i think looks best on most people.  the top's pattern is sort of a form of paisley, but not super traditional paisley which i think sometimes looks like a magic eye poster, so i like how this pattern is a little larger, but still eye catching and colorful.

and to finish the outfit, here are the shoes i'd rock with this:
                                                                                            image from
low wedges are in style!  huzzah!  whenever any kind of low heel comes into style i rejoice.  i also cry a little inside because it means i'm going to have to spend a lot of money on shoes that year to stock up on low heels.  but i mostly rejoice!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

fitting room round up

as i mentioned yesterday, this past sunday, AJD and i did some outlet shopping.  we picked up ties for the groomsmen in our wedding from brooks brothers outlet.  we both came up empty at j.crew factory store.  then we headed to banana republic factory store.  the whole place was 40% off which was a-mazing.  unfortunately i only had minimal luck with the fit of a bunch of different pieces.
the black and white dress i thought was going to be a winner, but the bottom was super stiff and super tight whereas the top fit, so the next size up was a no go.

the green dress with the white piping fit great, but the fabric was super strange.  the best way i can describe it was it felt like a nylon flag.  very odd.  didn't make the cut.

the black and white skirt was a super winner.  i already have worn it once this week (with tights of course).  i can't wait until spring to rock some bright colored tops with it.

the navy dress is actually all lace, but you can't tell in the picture.  it has some really delicate details in the back neckline which i like.  they were out of my size, so i got the next size up because i wasn't swimming in it and i can easily belt it for a more defined waist.

the other green dress was so unflattering.  it seemed like it accentuated my stomach.  definitely not a winner.

the green silk peplum shirt was the biggest disappointment.  i loved everything about it.  unfortunately my boobs loved nothing about it.  it was too tight in the chest and was getting pulled too much.  the next size up made the peplum looked baggy, which let me tell you, is not a good look.

anyways, i came away with a new skirt and dress for 40%.  can't be mad at that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

no green and no corned beef and cabbage

i used to go all out for saint patrick's day.  since i'm old now and awful at drinking, the fact that saint patrick's day was on a sunday this year did not get me excited for it.  instead AJD and i went outlet shopping in the morning (pictures to come in a future post).  then we headed to lynn, ma to check out monte's pizza and enjoy some adult beverages.

first up, i decided to take a picture of my outfit on sunday.  i usually only post work outfits, but on the weekend i like to keep it casual so this was my shopping outfit:
outfit details: suede flats: j.crew (current); modern skinny jeans: ann taylor (current); shirt: ann taylor loft (winter 2012)

after hitting up some fitting rooms, we headed to monte's pizza.  a lot of people have raved about monte's so we figured we'd try it out.  monte's is a dive bar that serves delicious bar style pizza.
i have to say the pepperoni was way better than the cheese.  the cheese side was just lacking flavor, but the pepperoni was spicy and gave it the kick it needed.  i'm not going to lie, monte's was good, but lynn is super inconvenient to get to from basically everywhere.  i also am pretty sure it has more stop lights than any place on earth.  the pizza wasn't to die for, so i don't think it will draw me back, but what will bring me back to monte's is the clientele.  i don't know if i'm by myself on this one, but i thoroughly enjoy a dive bar with some townie old dudes.  the old dudes who had saddled up to the bar for the afternoon were simply amazing.  loads of entertainment.  flirting with the salty female bar tenders.  oodles of fun.  AJD shares my love of a good old man bar, so when we got out into the parking lot, his first sentence was, "we need to come back next sunday."

do i think monte's is going to be my go to spot?  nope.  will i return?  absolutely, but only in the afternoon when the old men are sure to be drinking and the salty bar tenders are sure to be pouring.