Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Pants Bring Me Back

i haven't rocked red pants in awhile.  back in the day when i had clubbing/bar/slutty gear to go out in, i had some hot red pants.  they were basically entirely made of elastic.  you literally could grab a handful near the thigh, pull them up, and they'd snap back down (not that i would ever do that).  anyways, i was christmas shopping after work today and totally lucked out on some dark red/oxblood/burgundy martin slim ankle wool pants from banana republic that i've been eyeing.  well scratch that.  i haven't just been eyeing them, more like stalking.  this was the third time i tried them on, but i finally pulled the trigger and bought them today to most likely rock on christmas day.  they conveniently were finally on sale at 40%, so i snagged them up.  i originally wasn't sure if i wanted burgundy or hunter green, but my decision was made for me since they didn't have hunter green in my size.  here they are in all their glory in the dressing room:
obviously i won't be wearing these pants with boat shoes, but it was weirdly hot this morning, so spring shoes were worn for the commute.  unfortunately when i finished shopping the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees, so the commute home was less than ideal.  anyways, i still haven't figured out what i'll wear as a top on christmas, but at least i've got the bottoms figured out.  oh, and i did some damage on my christmas shopping list.  i feel oh so accomplished.

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