Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Love

sometimes i spend hours on youtube.  i'm not one of those people who watches randoms making homemade videos, i prefer celebrities.  this week i seemed to be drawn to joseph gordon levitt (le sigh) and aziz ansari.  enjoy my favorite youtube videos i watched this week:
jgl doing a duet with zooey.  omg.  if this doesn't get you excited for the holidays, then you deserve coal.  i watch this video way too often.  even in the middle of the summer when a holiday song makes no sense.  i just can't stop.
treat yo self.  best day of the year.
aziz ansari talking about his cousin harris.  anytime harris is brought up in aziz's standup it is amazing.
jgl on snl doing a magic mike impression.  this video is so accurate it's scary.  this is exactly what the stripper scenes look like in magic mike.  hilarious.


  1. Ok so I love all these clips and have watched all of them multiple times except for the magic mike/jgl one which is exactly what that movie was - a lot of Channing mugging/humping and not much dancing/stripping. In fact, I was just trying to explain "treat yo self" to someone at work the other day and they thought i was totally crazy. However, your clip does not include my fav part of "treat yo self" which is when they reveal the three gourmet cupcakes that say "treat yo self". Btw, there was a period of time that Mark was obsessed with Las Vegas and I accidentally deleted it from tivo and he got upset...Mark kind of is Harris

  2. the 3 cupcakes are right at the beginning. you get a quick snippet of them. and i love that mark = harris sometimes.