Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Apple A Day

i'd like to direct your attention to the right side column on the blog.  you'll notice a new ad/link to shabby apple.  shabby apple asked if i wanted to become part of their affiliate program.  this basically means i add an ad on my blog and if any of you click on it and then order something i get gift cards to buy things for myself.  and really, who doesn't like gifts for me.  anyways, i thought to kick off me joining the affiliate program was to show you some of my favorite finds at shabby apple.  they have tons to choose from, so i thought i'd show my favorite pieces that would go great with my freshly painted nails from this weekend.
(color is opi, kennebunkport)
first up is the lovebug blouse.  oh peplum, i just can't quit you.
image from shabbyapple.com
next up is the i'm late i'm late lace dress.  lace was all over the winter wedding i just attended.  i especially love the elbow length sleeves on this little number.
image from shabbyapple.com
and lastly are the gasp flats.  i'm a big fan of this color combo, and i seem to be leaning towards a lot of suede lately so these would certainly fit my current style bill.
image from shabbyapple.com

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