Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Is In The Books

this year's christmas recap includes sing alongs with a grandfather and five grandsons, my new christmas day outfit, my dad and mom with some of their favorite gifts, and delicious food.
this was either feliz navidad or ave maria.  both crowd favorites.
sweater and shirt from j.crew factory; pants from banana republic
my dad was mildly obsessed with his new vest.
my mom and gus enjoying her new snood courtesy of AJD.
delicious food.  filet, baked stuffed shrimp, twice baked potatoes, carrots, and brussel sprouts.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Check One Check Two

did santa bring you everything you wanted?  i had a great christmas eve and day this year.  christmas eve we spent with AJD's dad's side of the family plus some of my fam.  christmas day was breakfast with AJD's mom's side and then to my parents for the rest of the day.  we ate way too much (i'm talking a disgusting amount of food) and then i watched pitch perfect while my mom and AJD took evening naps.  pitch perfect was okay, but i thought it could have been funnier.  i felt like rebel wilson was holding back a little.
anyways, i'll recap some of my christmas gifts later in the week, but i just wanted to give another update on my 30 before 30 list.  i checked off another item from my list.  i finally (with AJD's help and motivation), filled our digital picture frame with pictures from the last year.  it's a delight.  
i'm back to work tomorrow for my favorite type a week.  aka a two day work week.   hope everyone had a good hump day!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Love

sometimes i spend hours on youtube.  i'm not one of those people who watches randoms making homemade videos, i prefer celebrities.  this week i seemed to be drawn to joseph gordon levitt (le sigh) and aziz ansari.  enjoy my favorite youtube videos i watched this week:
jgl doing a duet with zooey.  omg.  if this doesn't get you excited for the holidays, then you deserve coal.  i watch this video way too often.  even in the middle of the summer when a holiday song makes no sense.  i just can't stop.
treat yo self.  best day of the year.
aziz ansari talking about his cousin harris.  anytime harris is brought up in aziz's standup it is amazing.
jgl on snl doing a magic mike impression.  this video is so accurate it's scary.  this is exactly what the stripper scenes look like in magic mike.  hilarious.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


instead of blogging last night, i watched the movie new year's eve.  welp, that's 118 minutes of my life that i'll never get back.  normally i wouldn't care, but with the whole world ending tomorrow i wish i picked a better movie to spend my 2nd to last night on earth.

when zac efron dancing (grr zac grr) during the end credits is by far the best part of the movie, you know it's a winner.  
no really.  i'm telling you.  that was the best part of the movie.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Apple A Day

i'd like to direct your attention to the right side column on the blog.  you'll notice a new ad/link to shabby apple.  shabby apple asked if i wanted to become part of their affiliate program.  this basically means i add an ad on my blog and if any of you click on it and then order something i get gift cards to buy things for myself.  and really, who doesn't like gifts for me.  anyways, i thought to kick off me joining the affiliate program was to show you some of my favorite finds at shabby apple.  they have tons to choose from, so i thought i'd show my favorite pieces that would go great with my freshly painted nails from this weekend.
(color is opi, kennebunkport)
first up is the lovebug blouse.  oh peplum, i just can't quit you.
image from
next up is the i'm late i'm late lace dress.  lace was all over the winter wedding i just attended.  i especially love the elbow length sleeves on this little number.
image from
and lastly are the gasp flats.  i'm a big fan of this color combo, and i seem to be leaning towards a lot of suede lately so these would certainly fit my current style bill.
image from

Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Wedding of 2012

this weekend i attended my last wedding of 2012.  i spent friday and saturday with college friends, drinking more and staying up later than i normally do.  this culminated in attending my friend robyn's wedding on sunday night.  needless to say i'm pooped today.  thankfully i had one last personal day to use before the end of the year, so i got to take the day off from work today which was delightful.  plus it was gross and rainy outside, so i spent it taking a nap and eating a gigantic meatball parm sub.  i may have a stomach ache now, but it was delicious while it was being consumed.  

here are a couple shots from the wedding:
robyn and conrad looking stunning just after saying their i do's.
my college friends who made it up to connecticut for the wedding.

finally, not sure if you noticed that AJD is never featured in any pictures.  rest assure, he attends all these weddings with me, but he won't let me feature him on the blog until our own wedding.  you all better get ready because come next september you're going to be over run with pictures of AJD.  muahahaha.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Not Succeed at an Outfit of the Day Post

so i'm at work today and i say to myself, hmm, i like my outfit today.  i think i'll go home and do an outfit of the day post.  well, the universe had other plans for me.
i'm not even joking when i say these were by far the best shots.  there were far, FAR worse pictures.  it just wasn't meant to happen.  flash in the mirror, too dark in the room, laundry/humidifiers making appearances in the background, awkward too far away pictures.  when the two best pictures are of your shoes and your necklace, you know you've failed at outfit of the day.  also, you can't see, but there's a grease stain on my shirt.  the last time i wore this shirt i had a scarf on, was eating pizza, and obviously dragged my scarf over the greasy slice and then stained my shirt.  then i washed it without knowing and now that shit has set fo' life.

see kids, blogging isn't all that glamorous after all.

p.s. if you are reading this and still care about my outfit, here are the details: j.crew perfect shirt, gap skirt, target merona tights, kenneth cole gentle souls boots, j.crew necklace.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Love

image from
j.crew janey glitter flats.  these shoes are stunning in person.  i saw them on wednesday whilst christmas shopping.  i do have one major beef though j.crew.  these are not flats.  these are low heels.  these would be awesome wedding shoes, but alas, the heel doesn't do it for me, wedding wise.  if i had another locale to wear these, i'd snatch them up so fast.  ballet flats or bust!
my hair cut courtesy of maria from kenzo salon.  i love getting my hair did on a friday.  even though i understand getting your hair done and then going out, i love heading to the salon when i have no plans.  going to the salon is so relaxing and then you come out and you look awesome.  perfect way to wrap up a long week.
surprise package from our awesome wedding photographer, zac wolf photography.  have i mentioned i love our photographer?  he's awesome.  i feel this way and he's never taken a picture for us.  the surprise holiday cookie mix gift was such an amazing surprise on a friday.  sort of like when you're in college and you get a note in your mailbox saying that you have a package.  best feeling ever.
five guys cheeseburger.  this is not my burger.  i had way less toppings.  but you know what?  the burger i had last night was just as delicious as this photo looks.  mmm greasy cheeseburger.  love.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Pants Bring Me Back

i haven't rocked red pants in awhile.  back in the day when i had clubbing/bar/slutty gear to go out in, i had some hot red pants.  they were basically entirely made of elastic.  you literally could grab a handful near the thigh, pull them up, and they'd snap back down (not that i would ever do that).  anyways, i was christmas shopping after work today and totally lucked out on some dark red/oxblood/burgundy martin slim ankle wool pants from banana republic that i've been eyeing.  well scratch that.  i haven't just been eyeing them, more like stalking.  this was the third time i tried them on, but i finally pulled the trigger and bought them today to most likely rock on christmas day.  they conveniently were finally on sale at 40%, so i snagged them up.  i originally wasn't sure if i wanted burgundy or hunter green, but my decision was made for me since they didn't have hunter green in my size.  here they are in all their glory in the dressing room:
obviously i won't be wearing these pants with boat shoes, but it was weirdly hot this morning, so spring shoes were worn for the commute.  unfortunately when i finished shopping the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees, so the commute home was less than ideal.  anyways, i still haven't figured out what i'll wear as a top on christmas, but at least i've got the bottoms figured out.  oh, and i did some damage on my christmas shopping list.  i feel oh so accomplished.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Peanut Butter Time

i've never been one of those people who was super excited about needing to get engaged, but let me tell you, you all NEED to get engaged.  why you ask?  for the sole purpose of getting to register using a scanning gun, specifically at crate and barrel.  holy god, it is awesome.  we registered on sunday morning at restoration hardware (can't wait to have grown up bedding).  they didn't have a scanning gun and it was enjoyable, but more work.  then last night, we went to crate and barrel and the scanning gun came into my life.  totally awesome.  the lady who worked there who suggested that i scan everything i think i would remotely want, totally underestimated my wish list.  i had to tone down the list like woah when i got home today, but even that was glorious (ie items that are online only).  anyways, moral of the story is, registering for gifts is awesome.

besides registering, sunday involved a work related christmas tree rising party.  there was so. much. food.  it was all delicious though.  i was in charge of dessert, so i made chocolate chip cookies for the kids with peanut allergies attending the party, and then i made these beautes for the peanut butter lovers:
besides food, the drinks were a-flowing.  thankfully the hostess of the party taught a 12 year old how to make martinis and let me tell you, by the end of the party girlfriend could whip up a mean martini.