Monday, November 19, 2012

Whoa Major Blog Fail

woops.  haven't posted since last monday.  big blog fail.  i thought about going back and writing the blog posts that i had planned for every day last week (that's right i had stuff to write about, i just got lazy and/or busy), but i decided to just forget about last week, and move forward.

this past weekend, i purchased my wedding dress.  huzzah!  i can't show pictures since AJD reads the blog, but just know that it's awesome and i'll post pictures in september.  don't hold your breath.  that's a long time from now.

besides that, AJD and i laid low.  we watched a lot of dexter on demand (kind of jumping the shark for me.  ever since john lithgow's season it hasn't been as good), we watched a lot of football (go pats!), and we ate a lot (mmm pizza, turkey chili, and roast beef sandwiches - don't worry all separate meals on multiple days).  not super awesome for my diet, but it was all delicious.

on top of the tasty food AJD and i got to imbibe in our homebrewed oktoberfest beer.
dark and delicious.  cheers!

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