Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do You Like Apples?

continuing with the weekend recap, sunday was a super fall day.  it was perfect fall weather and AJD and I partook in a perfect fall activity.
we headed to russell orchards in ipswich, ma for their apple and wine festival.  AJD and i have been super busy, so we missed out on pick your own apples, so we figured drinking wine and buying apples was the next best thing.
the wine tasting was bumping.  there were 4 stations and you got to try about 6-8 wines at each station. all of russell orchard's wines are fruit wines or hard ciders.  all the stations also had fudge, meats, cheeses, and nuts to cleanser one's palate. 
after drinking a whole bunch of wine, we then used our tickets that we had purchased at the start for some apple crisp and caramel apples.  so delicious.
and then we finished the car ride home with some amazing apples cider donuts.  perfection.

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