Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple Pie. Nailed It.

tonight the baking extravaganza continued, with my first try at apple pie from scratch.  i used my trusty food processer to make the crust, and it worked like a champ.
i have to say, i was most nervous to make the crust (probably because it's my favorite part of the pie), but it turned out to be super simple.  
next up was the apple filling.  i used a mix of apples from russell orchards in ipswich and a couple cortland apples i bought at the grocery store.  i covered those bad boys in a cinnamon and sugar mixture and voila, pie filling.
finally, i got a little creative with the air holes.  the recipe said to just make x's, but i brought it back old school with designs just like my mom used to do.

i can't wait for the taste test tomorrow.  i have to say, regardless of a taste, she's a beauty.

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