Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uh Oh, Trouble in Popstar Paradise

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big news on the parents-of-celebs gossip front.  papa joe simpson and tina simpson aka the creators of jessica and ashlee simpson are dunzo.  divorce city.  papa joe is most famous for allegedly being the huge reason behind why j. simp and nick lachey got divorced.  he was always around and making weirdo inappropriate comments about jessica's boobs.  

also when jessica first came on the scene and was all about being a virgin (pre john mayer sexual napalm), papa joe was a huge proponent of her talking about her virginity because he was some kind of pastor.  he also had ryan cabrera (c-list popstar if you are unaware) move into their house, which probs backfired when ryan started dating ashlee (who by the way never proclaimed her virginity - this is also why i always liked ashlee better, even though she spells her name with 2 e's, which we all know is stupid).

anywho, miss tina filed for divorce in texas in apparently a city/town that doesn't allow divorcing spouses to bash each other in any way.  why aren't more places like this?  i.e. california (so many celebrity divorces).  i think this is great.  if they say nasty things about each other, they can be found in contempt of court.  but then again, if there weren't nasty celebrity divorces, how would d-list celebrities stay relevant?  i guess it also helps gossip rags to stay in business.  jobs are created.  okay, i change my mind.  nasty celebrity divorces is how we're going to fix the economy.  boom.

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