Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Special

so i may have missed the last two days of blogging, but it wasn't that i was just being lazy (which is usually the case when i'm away from blogging for multiple days), i was actually busy.  

on monday night, AJD and i met up with our awesome wedding photographer.  check out his blog/website: zac wolf photography

zac was our number one choice for photographer and thank goodness he was available.  i may or may not have already looked at all 48 pages of his blog.  nbd.  can't wait until we have fancy photos courtesy of mr. wolf.

anywho, enough wedding chatter.  besides that, tuesday we had AJD's mom and brother come over for dinner.  we ate super healthy, so i obviously spent the rest of the night craving nachos.  is this a weird craving?  i find myself constantly wanting nachos lately.  no i'm not pregnant, i'm just on a diet, and nachos are delicious.

what you missed over the weekend was AJD and myself drinking an entire bottle of champagne after brewing beer and drinking beer whilst brewing.
moral of the story on $50 champagne: it tastes only mildly better than $7 champagne.  the bottle and cork are way fancier though.

see what's on in the background?  that's the grey with liam neeson.  seriously a depressing movie.  spoiler alert...

everyone dies.  they're all eaten by wolves in various different scenarios.  those wolves are straight up bitches man.  don't even give them a chance.

and finally, the soundtrack for the last couple of days has been the new mumford and sons cd.  can't stop won't stop listening.  yes, there are more slow songs on this album compared to the first, but you know what?  i love me some slow jams.

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