Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Love

today was rainy and gross out.  so after work, i just wanted to be home, relaxing.  this week's friday love is dedicated to rainy day relaxation.
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a good pair of sweatpants.  i'm not talking about the fitted/super tight ones made for girls.  i'm referring to way too big for you, super low crotch, most comfortable pair of sweatpants ever.  mandatory.
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messy top knot.  when i sleep in my bed, i wear my hair down.  when i'm taking napperoo's on the couch, i go for a messy top knot.  i use a small elastic which isn't strong enough to keep all my hair up so it usually gets pretty loose and falls to the side.  perfect lounging hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face to watch tv/movies, but still comfortable enough to fall asleep.
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the perfect throw blanket.  i currently utilize a sweatshirt material throw.  maybe it's because i'm most comfortable when entirely surrounded by a sweatsuit, but to each their own.  find your go to throw and never let go.
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the perfect movie to watch on a rainy friday.  i know i'm late to this party, but i watched the help tonight and it was the perfect movie for me today.  AJD went out after work, so i was able to curl up on the couch and enjoy a night with the help.

happy friday love!

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