Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie From Russia

happy halloween 11 readers of the world!  this is the first year in a very long time that i'm not dressing up for good old all hallows eve.  so in other words, i have no awesome pics of me in costume.

instead, i have my favorites from the anna karenina collection at banana republic.  i know, i know, so much better.  you're welcome.
all images from
to be perfectly honest, i had to look up the plot of anna karenina on wikipedia earlier today.  i know it starts in russia.  based on the collection, it involves a lot of black and a lot of fur.  i'm not a fur person, but the picks above are stunning.  also keira knightly stars in the new film version that's coming out soon.  i used to go back and forth on my feelings for keira, but after atonement, i've only got love for miss knightly.  if you've never seen atonement you must.  it's severely depressing, you'll hate briony, and you'll end up loving james mcavoy. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simply Stunning

my homegirl kacey got hitched this weekend to her boo, scott and the wedding was simply stunning.  i didn't doubt it would be since kacey is the master of event planning.  the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was an incredible dance party, and as guiliana rancic likes to say, kacey looked amazeballs.  check out the photos:
the happy couple
me and the blushing bride
gang signs obviously belong at a wedding
dance party
providence college ladies reunited
secret beers on the bus ride home

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Love

tidbits from the tremaynes.  holy moly.  i have so many projects coursing through my veins after checking out this blog.  this gallery wall is my absolute favorite from what i've seen so far on the blog.  on top of awesome design projects, the blogger is super sarcastic and awesome.  super find on a friday.
image from
gap new arrivals.  o.  m.  g.  i love this blazer.  so ungodly preppy.  gap has just come out with new arrivals today and i can't wait to check them out in store.  so many awesome pieces.  why can't i have an unending supply of money?
image from
boston burger company.  last night was a glorious burger night.  i went out for some adult beverages after work and didn't eat dinner.  around 10 pm, i was in dire need of some sustinance.  enter davis square.  enter boston burger company.  i've been to boston burger co. many times, but last night was my first time back since they expanded (it's now double the size) and since they were featured on diners drive-ins and dives.  the ower was his delightful seld, the burgers were still great, and the fried pickles were even better.  mmm fried pickles.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uh Oh, Trouble in Popstar Paradise

image from
big news on the parents-of-celebs gossip front.  papa joe simpson and tina simpson aka the creators of jessica and ashlee simpson are dunzo.  divorce city.  papa joe is most famous for allegedly being the huge reason behind why j. simp and nick lachey got divorced.  he was always around and making weirdo inappropriate comments about jessica's boobs.  

also when jessica first came on the scene and was all about being a virgin (pre john mayer sexual napalm), papa joe was a huge proponent of her talking about her virginity because he was some kind of pastor.  he also had ryan cabrera (c-list popstar if you are unaware) move into their house, which probs backfired when ryan started dating ashlee (who by the way never proclaimed her virginity - this is also why i always liked ashlee better, even though she spells her name with 2 e's, which we all know is stupid).

anywho, miss tina filed for divorce in texas in apparently a city/town that doesn't allow divorcing spouses to bash each other in any way.  why aren't more places like this?  i.e. california (so many celebrity divorces).  i think this is great.  if they say nasty things about each other, they can be found in contempt of court.  but then again, if there weren't nasty celebrity divorces, how would d-list celebrities stay relevant?  i guess it also helps gossip rags to stay in business.  jobs are created.  okay, i change my mind.  nasty celebrity divorces is how we're going to fix the economy.  boom.

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Island Wedding

two weekends ago, AJD and i headed to the island of martha's vineyard to attend the wedding of our friends johanna and jay.  the weather was beautiful, the wedding was awesome, and the whole weekend was a smashing success.  i'll let some of the pictures tell the story:
we started the weekend with a menemsha sunset:
it was super windy on the beach during our photo session:
wedding day:
congrats jay and jo!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Love

today was rainy and gross out.  so after work, i just wanted to be home, relaxing.  this week's friday love is dedicated to rainy day relaxation.
image from
a good pair of sweatpants.  i'm not talking about the fitted/super tight ones made for girls.  i'm referring to way too big for you, super low crotch, most comfortable pair of sweatpants ever.  mandatory.
image from
messy top knot.  when i sleep in my bed, i wear my hair down.  when i'm taking napperoo's on the couch, i go for a messy top knot.  i use a small elastic which isn't strong enough to keep all my hair up so it usually gets pretty loose and falls to the side.  perfect lounging hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face to watch tv/movies, but still comfortable enough to fall asleep.
image from
the perfect throw blanket.  i currently utilize a sweatshirt material throw.  maybe it's because i'm most comfortable when entirely surrounded by a sweatsuit, but to each their own.  find your go to throw and never let go.
image from
the perfect movie to watch on a rainy friday.  i know i'm late to this party, but i watched the help tonight and it was the perfect movie for me today.  AJD went out after work, so i was able to curl up on the couch and enjoy a night with the help.

happy friday love!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bag Envy

image from
ultimate bag envy today on the train.  this little number was right across the car from me.  same design as one of the pairs of shoes on my wishlist from this post.  

oh tory and you're super trendy yet classic all at the same time bags.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Really Is The Perfect Time Of Day

guess what today is?  the blog's 1st birthday!  i feel like i should allow it to eat sugar for the first time.  maybe smear some frosting all over the computer.  but instead, since it's the blog's birthday, i'm listing what this blog really wants for its birthday.  all these items are from the newly launched j.crew factory online store.  it's a separate website now, is way more organized and currently has awesome items:
all images from
on a more serious note, i can't believe it's already been a year.  i've really enjoyed writing the blog and have received great feedback and fully appreciate everyone who takes the time to read what i write on my little space on the internet.  i can't wait for year two and all that's in store.  i finally made it to double digits in followers and hope to continue to grow in numbers.  so if you know anyone who you think would enjoy reading the blog, please feel free to forward the address.  thanks for reading!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Love

this week all i have is heaps and heaps of friday love for my homegirl johanna.  i met johanna in 5th grade and let me tell you, she was the coolest.  this weekend she's getting married!  i can't believe the day is finally here.  after seeing her in her bachelorette gear, i know she is going to be the most beautiful bride.
but no really, she's a babe and all my friday love goes out to her this week! happy wedding weekend jo!
*bonus of miss andrea on the blog

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Lilo

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hey linds,

what's up girl?  heard you had a tough night last night.  don't worry i'm here for some girl to girl advice.  

number one (and this is the most important): if you've gone to rehab more than zero times before your 30th birthday, you should not be going clubbing until 4 am.  

number two: girrrrrrrl you look like a hot mess.  guess what?  you are a major hottie.  stop ruining your hotness.  your hair is red.  embrace it.  you have freckles.  stop covering them.  when your face has no freckles, but your chest and shoulders are covered in them, guess what, we all know you have freckles.  

number three: stop going clubbing with your mom.  you're in your twenties, you're not supposed to go out with your mom.  it's not normal for a non-celebrity, it's not okay for you either.  plus your mom is beyond hot mess status.

number four: when you get in a screaming fight with your mom in a limo on the way home to long island, the absolute last human being on the planet you should call is dear old dad, michael lohan.  the only people more screwed up than yourself are your parents.

okay that's all for now girlfriend.  lock it up.


p.s. dear dina, seriously?!  i mean seriously?!  you can't be serious with this look and these actions.  pull yourself together woman.  when michael lohan is the voice of reason for your kids, you know you've got issues.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Well Hello There...

image from
image from
it's the time of year where i just want to wear flat shoes.  these three are at the current top of my wish list.  various prices.  various styles.  all awesome.  there are just loads of potential outfits flying through my head.  so if anyone is in a giving mood, these shoes are what you can buy me.  okay thanks.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Awkward Weekend

woah behind on the blog.  sorry about that.  i slightly over imbibed on friday night.  a lot of awkward photos ensued:

awkward photos in the cab with miss nora:
awkward photos in line at drink:
i went to parish cafe, then the ames hotel bar woodward, then drink, and finally the times.  lots of delicious mixed drinks, and a few not so delicious drinks.  i do have to say i didn't feel super old going out in boston, until we got to the times.  they were playing some sweet beats and grinding on the dance floor had already ensued.  that was my cue that my night was complete.

oh yeah on the way home i went to mcdonald's because i hadn't eaten dinner and it was glorious.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Won't Grow Up

i don't know why, but today i am obsessed with these peter pan collars.  i really want the top version because it comes in burgundy.  burgundy and peter pan collars, man if only.  i'd be so trendy.
images from
and no they are not the same shirt.  the top is a sweater and the bottom is a knit.  you learn something new every day i guess.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Special

so i may have missed the last two days of blogging, but it wasn't that i was just being lazy (which is usually the case when i'm away from blogging for multiple days), i was actually busy.  

on monday night, AJD and i met up with our awesome wedding photographer.  check out his blog/website: zac wolf photography

zac was our number one choice for photographer and thank goodness he was available.  i may or may not have already looked at all 48 pages of his blog.  nbd.  can't wait until we have fancy photos courtesy of mr. wolf.

anywho, enough wedding chatter.  besides that, tuesday we had AJD's mom and brother come over for dinner.  we ate super healthy, so i obviously spent the rest of the night craving nachos.  is this a weird craving?  i find myself constantly wanting nachos lately.  no i'm not pregnant, i'm just on a diet, and nachos are delicious.

what you missed over the weekend was AJD and myself drinking an entire bottle of champagne after brewing beer and drinking beer whilst brewing.
moral of the story on $50 champagne: it tastes only mildly better than $7 champagne.  the bottle and cork are way fancier though.

see what's on in the background?  that's the grey with liam neeson.  seriously a depressing movie.  spoiler alert...

everyone dies.  they're all eaten by wolves in various different scenarios.  those wolves are straight up bitches man.  don't even give them a chance.

and finally, the soundtrack for the last couple of days has been the new mumford and sons cd.  can't stop won't stop listening.  yes, there are more slow songs on this album compared to the first, but you know what?  i love me some slow jams.