Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Love

i don't know about you, but it's been an extremely long week for me.  loads going on at work just totally drained me.  i fell asleep twice on the couch last night before moving to bed at 8:26.  getting craaaazy on a thursday night.  now onto some friday love.
pasta bake i made for dinner one night this week.  wheat pasta, fra diavlo sauce, spinach, chicken, and some melted cheese.  so delish.  so easy.  so wonderful.
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j.crew factory oval crystal-link necklace.  this is just one example, but lately i've been lusting after j.crew factory jewelry more than real j.crew.  the jewelry is much more in my price point and it's usually a little more on the simpler side than regular j.crew.  the color on this beauty is papaya.  love.
knee high boots, particularly black leather ones.  after absolutely freezing all day long in a skirt and shoes, i immediately came home and put on some jeans and my black leather knee high boots.  so toasty and comfortable.  whatever style you prefer, they're definitely necessary on a fall friday.
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gap cable knit sweater.  this isn't the exact one that i'm wearing, but as i said i was freezing all day, so i'm rocking my new gap grey cable knit sweater for the first time this season.  cable knit seems to go in and out of style and somehow i always end up either buying one or breaking out an old version that i have.  my current one was courtesy of a birthday gift card aka free aka the best kind.  the only way my outfit could be improved right now is if i was wearing burgundy skinny jeans.  soon.  they will be mine.


  1. Nat! I've been searching for riding boots FOREVER!! I want some brown leather ones.. not too shiny, not a high heel but have some support. I had some Keen ones last year but gave me a wicked blister at the back of my heel. I loved the look but couldn't stand the heel. I've bought and returned at least 3 pairs since then... I have kinda dinky calfs ~13.5in and hate when the boots looks like i'm swimming in them. Any suggestions? I feel like there's no boot out there for me! Born and Frye have some nice ones.. just cant seem to find THE ONE for me..

    1. okay so i gave up trying to find boots in store. i know that sounds like madness, but i've only ever had luck online. you just have to deal with getting boots, trying them on and sending them back. it takes longer, but online they have so many different options for calf sizes. i have a pair of brown leather boots from they have so many shoes/boots. i highly recommend the site. the one gigantic downfall is their return process blows. they don't give you a sticker to send stuff back immediately, you have to print it out and it's a whole process, so that's annoying, but they have so many (and often on sale) that i just dealt with it until i found some i liked.

      i also have black leather boots from a couple years ago that are kenneth cole gentle souls. the gentle souls line is supposed to be the more comfortable shoe line and i can attest they are super comfy. they were pricey but they're really nice leather and the inside is real suede and they've lasted for 3 years. the line sometimes only has grandma like shoes, but check it out because i don't know what they have this season and sometimes you can find cute options.

      i really want frye boots but i feel like their soles (and pricetags) are a little overwhelming sometimes. i know nordstrom carries a lot of frye boots to check out in store.

      after that stream of consciousness, good luck!

    2. I'll check out that site! thanks :) hope I find something soon! thanks!