Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Love

ah shoot, i didn't post anything yesterday.  i went out for dinner and when i got home AJD and i had dvred tv to watch, and you know how that goes (aka AJD and i both fall asleep and have to rewatch the show the next day).  and then tonight i just got home from checking out my homegirl miss andrea's newly updated condo.  straight fire.  anyways, i didn't have a friday love post pre-written as i normally do on friday's.  i was a major slacker this week.  so you get my sweet jams picks of the week (aka the songs that have been in my head all week):
valerie by amy winehouse and mark ronson.  so catchy.  so much fun to bop your head to.  take a listen.
we are never ever getting back together by taylor swift.  damn you t. swift and your ridiculously catchy song that's always in my head!  so fun to sing in the car though.  also was a huge fan of her red and white stripe shirt and black hot pants during her mtv vma performance.  bravo this week taylor.  you win this round.
some nights by fun.  i thought their first single, we are young, was hot fire, but this new single is on the radio 24/7.  maybe i've been in the car more than normal this week cause this song was in my head nonstop.  watch the video and marvel at how gigantic the lead singer's mouth is.  blew my mind.
lazy eye by silversun pickups.  i've hearted this song for months now, but i finally put it on my ipod at the beginning of the week and as i often do with new songs to my ipod, i've listened to it on repeat to and from work.  delightful on a friday.  
p.s. on youtube the first comment is "the bartender looks like he pulls bitches."  made me laugh out loud.

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