Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gimme Some Mo

i really don't have anything to write about today.  i've been slacking on the gym and chores since we got back from maine, so i'm finally feeling productive today, which means that i haven't really had any good thoughts about a blog post today.  so instead you get to see some more sweet shots of me (the majority i am very very sweaty) from my acadia hiking trip.
ooh look at how long my hair is.  looooove it.  sadly though i must admit that i've been finding more gray hairs than normal.  i'm an olllllllllld lady now.  i'm trying to last as long as i can before i'm forced to dye my hair.  i used to dye my hair dark brown/red right after college.  i liked it for awhile, but i've grown to re-love the natural color my hair has morphed into.  it's been years since i last dyed it and frankly my wallet wants it to stay that way as long as possible.
i love caution signs right as you start a hike.  always get you pumped/makes you question your sanity as to why hiking is enjoyable at all.  i have to say the precipice trail with all its rock climbing and iron ladders really made for a fun/mildly sketchy climb.
oh you know, just crawling under some precariously placed gigantic boulders.  there were constantly signs pleading with hikers not to throw rocks to avoid the ever popular rock slide.  always makes you feel safe when you see those signs and then you have to crawl under a giant boulder to continue on the trail.
maxing and relaxing on some iron ladders for a photo op.
just getting all sassy while sweating to death/sipping from my camel pack after getting engaged.  nothing matches a fancy diamond ring better than a water back pack, sweaty slicked back hair, and an old t-shirt and mesh shorts.  i personally love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

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