Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Love

in honor of labor day, aka the unofficial end of summer, friday love this week is dedicated to all things fall.  let's all get excited for my favorite season.
changing of the leaves.  i'm from massachusetts.  the leaves change color here.  it's awesome.  it makes driving in the fall anywhere super.
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socks under boots.  my absolute favorite trend from last year.  knee high boots with socks.  makes legs warmer and spruces up any outfit.  some people, particularly boys, don't like this trend.  i say poo on you.  it helps me not get runs in my tights and looks cool.  boom.
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warm scarves.  scarves that are just for decoration are good and all, but give me a blustery day and a cozy warm scarf and that makes me a happy girl.  have i mentioned i hate being hot, so scarf weather is my absolute favorite.
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apple pie.  one of my 30 before 30 is to make a pie from scratch, including the crust.  i should have specified that it will be apple.  apple pie is hands down the best pie, especially during apple picking season, no discussion needed.  case closed.

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  1. You exude confidence in this post. #swag4days