Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Love

AJD and i are off again!  acadia national park in bar harbor, maine or bust!  remember if you want to follow me on instagram, njeane13.  i tend to blow up instagram when out of state.

this week's friday love is dedicated to a few of my birthday presents that i love.
giant umbrella.  perfect for the monsoons we've been having in boston lately.  i tested this sucker out earlier in the week and she works like a dream.
nike free running shoes.  i've been having a hate/hate relationship with my reebok running shoes, so AJD came through in the clutch with these beauties which are straight fire.  the neon yellow is so bright, i spend more time looking at my shoes when running than complaining in my head that i want to sit down and eat something.  win/win in my book.
instyle magazine subscription.  fave fashion magazine.  two whole years of style coming to this girl.
anthropologie earrings.  i knew this blog would come in handy.  AJD is such a smart cookie that he took the post i did on my love of anthropologie earrings and took it upon himself to get me two of my favorite pairs.  love.

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