Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Love

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joshua radin.  i downloaded his new album, "underwater" this week and it is fantastic.  i also bought tickets for when he is in boston in the fall.  i've been a fan for a long time and i'm so excited to finally see him in concert.
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sierra nevada in a can.  AJD and i imbibed in these last weekend.  they went down quite easily.  something about a can over a bottle just works for sierra nevada.
acadia national park.  AJD and i are heading back there a week from today (we were last there three years ago).  i cannot wait.  hiking along the atlantic ocean, love.
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colorblock blouses.  big trend for fall folks.  really excited about it.  i highly enjoy this one from ann taylor (sorry it's blurry and not as big as the other pictures.  it gets blurrier as it gets enlarged).  blouses themselves are classic pieces, but add in colorblocking and you get a little extra on trend for the fall.

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