Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Round Up

i really need to do a better job taking pictures when i do things.  this weekend i took zero, zilch, nada.  not even cell phone pictures.  bah humbug.  i swear i'll do a better job snapping some sweet pics over the 4th of july.

anywho here's what i did this weekend.

saturday morning: cleaned out AJD's mom's basement in 90 degree heat.  

saturday afternoon: went swimming in my parents' pool since i was dirty and covered in sweat and basement goo (i'm not sure what basement goo is, but when i'm really dirty i feel like i'm covered in some sort of goo).  two of my friends brought their daughter over to cool off as well.  she's 3 months old and went in a pool for the first time.  so just picture a really cute baby going in a pool for the first time.  super cute, but no photo fail.

saturday night: headed to my friends' house to barbecue.  ridiculously giants steaks, potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob were consumed.  delish.  i didn't even take a picture of my food (seriously what is wrong with me...i take pictures of food constantly, except for this weekend).

sunday morning:
went to the movies and watched ted.  it was pretty funny, but i was kind of disappointed about the level of vulgarity.  i thought it was going to be more inappropriate and thus more funny and appeal to my 12 year old boy humor, but alas still a good flick.

sunday afternoon: sledgehammering a picnic table at AJD's mom's house in 90 degree heat.  to clarify, i did not sledgehammer, i just picked up pieces of wood and carried them to a dumpster.

sunday evening: swimming at my apartment to get the sledgehammering goo off of me.

weekend recap complete.  boom.

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