Monday, July 9, 2012

Pittsburgh 2012 Is In The Books

awesome trip to the burgh.  may have been 100 degrees while we were there, but we didn't let the temperature slow us down (unless you count the baseball game that we stayed at for legit 1 1/2 innings before we moved inside.  seriously so sweaty.  anywho, here is a picture wrap up of our trip (fyi if you follow me on instagram, njeane13, you will have already seen some of these photos and if you don't follow me well then you should).
our trip started with a quick driving tour of the city for AJD who was a first timer.
next up was the world's hottest baseball game.  seriously just sweat pouring out of us.  we stayed for about 2 innings and then wandered around the inside of the stadium.  we had ridiculous seats so it was too bad it was 3 million degrees.  the woman sitting next to us actually yelled "take me with you" when we got up because her husband wouldn't let her leave.
after sweating to death, we headed down to the river for a nice boating excursion to celebrate the 4th of july.  thank goodness it was 10 degrees cooler on the water.  boats are my new favorite thing.  if anyone with a boat wants to be friends with me, it can be arranged.
on friday for lunch, AJD and i headed over to church brew works (legit a brewery in a church - they brew on the alter).  delicious brews and food.  good times all around.

and finally, the babies.  my two friends who we visited with have one kid each.  maeve who is 1 and leo who is 2.  maeve and i are legit bffs.  leo is still suspect of me.  i have many more pictures of maeve, not because she is my bff, but because leo is 2 and does not ever stay still.  maeve is still in that drunk old man walking stage so she's easier to catch on camera.  enjoy:
reading rainbow time.
 the only time leo stopped running at the park was to chug water.
 leo was thoroughly loving the water fountain.
 maeve was suspect of the fountain.
 she was more interested in a naked barbie that was found on the ground.
 after awhile, it was too hot.  even she couldn't resist.

i love visiting pittsburgh and can't wait to get back again soon.  if you've never been i highly recommend checking it out.  

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  1. The two cutest kids ever!!!!!