Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Love

wow.  major fail on the blog the past two days.  i really do try to post something monday through friday, but this week wednesday and thursday didn't quite happen.  i blame it on the alcohol (shout out to jamie foxx and t. pain).  the lack of posting was due to going out eating and drinking two nights in a row.  by the way, blueberry sangria is delicious.  i'm getting crazy at the end of my 28th year.

speaking of, it's exactly a month until i turn 29!  phew, one more year of my twenties left.  in honor of my impending bday, i've included a couple things that i wouldn't mind receiving a month from today, plus some other random things thrown in.

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j.crew lucille dress.  this dress is legit haunting me.  i had some time to kill before i starting boozing on wednesday so i headed to copley place (aka my fave place to shop in j.crew ever).  i went to j.crew and this dress was on sale plus an additional 30% off all sale prices, in my size, and awesomely emerald.  but for some reason i felt the need to put it on hold and go to other stores before actually purchasing it.  while in the gap, i realized i forgot my phone, aka my lifeline to my ride to previously mentioned alcohol, in my office.  so i panicked and ran to the train to go back to my office, leaving my poor on hold dress to slip through my fingers.  it's currently on sale (but not an extra 30% off online) online, but i can't bring myself to buy it at the increased price.  i also can't bring myself to go back to j.crew to see if it's still available and on double sale because if it's not there i might cry.  non buyers remorse.  anyway, even though it's not mine currently, it still deserves some friday love.

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newly arrived loafers from the gap.  so many colors and they look beyond comfortable.  these herringbone ones are my favorite of the bunch, but i'd take any of them.  i'm a size 10 and my birthday is august 13th.  i'm just saying...
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gap high impact sports bra.  hallelujah.  i finally found a new sports bra.  unfortunately it was another thing left behind by my panicked reaction to not having my phone.  but fortunately i now know my size and i have coupons and i can order this sucker offline.  
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ed sheeran.  i just downloaded a few new to me albums from itunes including ed's latest album.  fella is quite talented.  my top jam of choice from the album is wake me up.  if you want a chill, low key, enjoyable album, check out ed.  plus he's got bright red hair and is british.  extra enjoyable.

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