Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back in the Day Buffet

as i mentioned a while ago, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer last summer.  i didn't mention it on the blog, but she passed away on may 10th (super sucky).  my parents and grandfather have been in florida the last few weeks clearing out the old abode to put it on the market.  today, my world was made.  not only did i receive 2 gigantic boxes of totally random things from my grandparents' house, but more importantly three giant envelopes filled with old pictures.  here's a taste:

check out my beyond sweet cabbage patch bag.  you better believe you could brush and style the pigtails on the bag:
straight stunnin with my sister in the basement.  check out the sick wood paneling and the killer red and black carpet:
rocking a super stylish wool hat while i bask in the great outdoors:
being surrounded by stuffed animals is da bomb:
i'm still really good at sleeping.  also please notice the cabbage patch pillow case.  i legit still have that and just used it.  so soft:
me and grams back in the day.  we have serious attitude in this picture.  most importantly my grandma's glasses are straight murdering this photo.  so hot right now:

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  1. Omg trout brook. Amen red and black basement carpet. It was so less ofensive in my memory...in this pic it rivals the shag in moms. My box is "out for delivery". We are waiting impatiently!