Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back To School

nope, not going back to school.  no thank you.  i am intrigued by the back in style "schoolboy" blazers that the gap came out with recently.
images from gap.com
i've become a blazer whore this past year and these two are my favorite from gap's new early fall arrivals.  it does drive me insane that i used to have a very similar blazer to the tweed one pictured above back in college.  now i know how my mom and everyone her age feels when all bohemian 70's style came back into fashion.  if only i had kept that blazer.  oh well, i just may have to treat myself to a birthday gift.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Call Me Garfield

remember in the comic garfield how he was obsessed with lasagna?  i always understood the obsession.  growing up my go to meal was lasagna.  didn't matter what kind of restaurant we were at, i always ordered lasagna.  i still have an obsession with lasagna, but i've had to curtail my love to only once in awhile, so i don't look like garfield after he ate an entire pan of lasagna.

anyways, i came across this awesome website (via iowa girl eats) called the italian dish.  there are loads of different lasagna recipes that i want to try, but these two really stuck out to me as possibly healthier versions of lasagna, while still being delicious (click the link below for the recipe):

pesto lasagna:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Love

in honor of the olympics starting today, friday love this week is dedicated to my favorite summer olympic sport to watch, swimming.  i used to be all about gymnastics, but now i'm just creeped out by most of the gymnasts (specifially their eyebrows).  anywho friday love to all the swimmers, but especially my faves:
image from tvrage.com
natalie coughlin.  holler at my name twin!
image from pcpsports.com
michael phelps.  hey i haven't met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, date at subway maybe?
image from supersport.com
ryan lochte.  yo babe, good luck in the pool.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Supa Healthy

one of my new year's resolutions (ha! remember those pesky things) was to eat healthier and to cook at home more often.  check out this ridiculously healthy, yet delicious meal that AJD and i consumed earlier in the week:
boom.  nailed it.

p.s. yasou greek dressing is da bomb

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

uh oh, trouble in twilight land.  little miss bella swan cheated on edward cullen with her very married snow white and the huntsman director, rupert sanders.  
image from damngoodcup.com
image from zimbio.com
both kstew and the director have released statements saying how devastated they are by their actions, but edward apparently has a broken vampire heart.  kstew is apparently losing her shit trying to get edward to forgive her.
image from trendrabbit.com
will the werewolves attack bella now that she doesn't have a cullen protector?  time will only tell.

p.s. let's all marvel how badass my girl charlize was as queen ravenna in snow white and the huntsman:
image from stlmag.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


last friday after work, i went birthday shopping for my mom.  i obviously started by buying stuff for myself.  i couldn't resist.  j.crew was having an additional 40% off their sale items in store.  $110 skirt for $30, yes please.
black no. 2 pencil skirt, don't mind if i do.
the seersucker no. 2 pencil skirt was not for me.  you can't tell in the picture, but it was seriously like an optical illusion.  it hurt my eyes too much to buy.

over the weekend, pre-magic mike watching, my friends and i were killing time trying on ridiculously ugly high heels in marshalls (i just assume everyone does this).  these babies make me 6'3":
green and orange snakeskin goes with everything right?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who's That Babe?!

i was reading the metro en route to work last week and came across this article, "Swimsuit styles from the ’50s and ’60s are making a comeback."
image from kamalikulture.com
now i don't want to brag, but my grandma was rocking this ish way back in the day. like i mentioned in my back in the day post, my mom sent me old pictures of my grandma and these are some of faves cause they show what a hottie/trendsetter my grandma was way back when. i think she passed down her shopping problem to me, which i fully accept.
miami beach, fl 1948
miami beach, fl 1948
swartzwood june 19, 1949
july 8, 1949

all i can say is what a babe.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Love

image from jcrew.com/factory
image from jcrew.tumblr.com
polka dots. the yellow jcrew factory polka dot shirt is awesome. you know what else is awesome? the fact that j.crew finally wised up and is having the online factory store open 24/7 instead of just on the weekends. huzzah! also, those red/navy dotted shoes are the shiz.
image from tripadvisor.com
crane beach in ipswich, ma. aka where i'm heading tomorrow morning for the day. crane beach is awesome and even better I have access to a resident beach sticker courtesy of miss andrea's bf. major score.
magic mike. finally. burly men on the big screen. AJD was uninterested in seeing this cinematic masterpiece so i recruited two of my fave ladies to join me. oh joe manganiello, you so hot right now. don't worry channing, i see you and your pulsing jaw muscle.  
image from fanpop.com
the dark night rises. obv the tragedy in colorado is totally senseless and depressing, but i am still so flipping excited to see this movie on sunday. christian bale and his overly deep non-english accented voice, tom hardy's sure to be awesome take on bane the villain, and the always delightful michael caine as alfred. i. can't. wait.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heaven on Earth

chex mix muddy buddies.  get some.  now.  homegirl andrea and i used to make these suckers from scratch growing up.  they are beyond good.  last week, i get a text message with a picture of the bag she  bought at a gas station.  next time i'm at the supermarket i buy my own bag.  boom.
p.s. store them in the fridge and your world will be rocked.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do You Have Holes in Your Ears?

i go through shopping phases.  i have my shopping staples (j.crew, gap, banana), but there's a repeating phase that i go through every once in a while.  that phase is anthropologie.  i'll go there or look at the website and want everything i see.  unfortunately their merchandise is not free, so i usually have to limit myself to one or two things.  i love all my purchases, but then i don't go back for months.  i have no idea why this happens, but last week i was perusing their site and i'm hooked again.  my favorite thing to buy at anthropologie is their earrings.  so unique and flattering.  here are some of my current favorites:
 all images from anthropologie.com

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend Recap

so hot right now.  seriously on saturday, AJD and i attended the hottest wedding i've ever been to.  it was absolutely beautiful, but i've never sweat so much at a wedding.  it's been in the 90's for a while here in massachusetts and i'm what you call a sweater.  thank goodness i'm not a boy who can't wear a sundress cause it was my only savior.  two of our friends got married on thompson island in boston harbor.  here's a quick recap:

my dress was a simple nautical style sundress from j.crew with some flat sandals from dsw.  i'm still rocking the neon pink toes.
skyline from the ferry as we pulled away from the wharf:
my favorite part of a wedding - when the groom's face when he sees the bride walking down the aisle:
the set-up next to the reception:
trying to keep cool:
boston sunset:
some post wedding s'more's:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Love

wow.  major fail on the blog the past two days.  i really do try to post something monday through friday, but this week wednesday and thursday didn't quite happen.  i blame it on the alcohol (shout out to jamie foxx and t. pain).  the lack of posting was due to going out eating and drinking two nights in a row.  by the way, blueberry sangria is delicious.  i'm getting crazy at the end of my 28th year.

speaking of, it's exactly a month until i turn 29!  phew, one more year of my twenties left.  in honor of my impending bday, i've included a couple things that i wouldn't mind receiving a month from today, plus some other random things thrown in.

image from jcrew.com
j.crew lucille dress.  this dress is legit haunting me.  i had some time to kill before i starting boozing on wednesday so i headed to copley place (aka my fave place to shop in boston...best j.crew ever).  i went to j.crew and this dress was on sale plus an additional 30% off all sale prices, in my size, and awesomely emerald.  but for some reason i felt the need to put it on hold and go to other stores before actually purchasing it.  while in the gap, i realized i forgot my phone, aka my lifeline to my ride to previously mentioned alcohol, in my office.  so i panicked and ran to the train to go back to my office, leaving my poor on hold dress to slip through my fingers.  it's currently on sale (but not an extra 30% off online) online, but i can't bring myself to buy it at the increased price.  i also can't bring myself to go back to j.crew to see if it's still available and on double sale because if it's not there i might cry.  non buyers remorse.  anyway, even though it's not mine currently, it still deserves some friday love.

image from gap.com
newly arrived loafers from the gap.  so many colors and they look beyond comfortable.  these herringbone ones are my favorite of the bunch, but i'd take any of them.  i'm a size 10 and my birthday is august 13th.  i'm just saying...
image from gap.com
gap high impact sports bra.  hallelujah.  i finally found a new sports bra.  unfortunately it was another thing left behind by my panicked reaction to not having my phone.  but fortunately i now know my size and i have coupons and i can order this sucker offline.  
image from ticketmaster.co.uk
ed sheeran.  i just downloaded a few new to me albums from itunes including ed's latest album.  fella is quite talented.  my top jam of choice from the album is wake me up.  if you want a chill, low key, enjoyable album, check out ed.  plus he's got bright red hair and is british.  extra enjoyable.