Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap Heyooooooo

this weekend was jam packed and oodles of good times were had.  since AJD was away last weekend and then i was gone almost the whole week at a work conference, we had a super date night on friday.  it started with dinner at meadhall in cambridge, followed by the mooooovies.  we had never been to mead hall and twas divine.  loads of beers to choose from followed by some very scrumptious eats.  surprisingly there was no wait for the table and before we hunkered down for dinner, we had a couple libations at the bar.  i had heard when it first opened a year or so ago, meadhall was packed so tight you couldn't move.  maybe the luster of a new place wore off, but i must say it was very enjoyable and the food was quite delish.  i would definitely make a return visit.

after we were good and full, we headed to kendall square cinema and saw safety not guaranteed.
the movie starred april from parks and recreation, pete from the league, and nick from new girl.  i have to say that for me nick from new girl stole the show.  loads of sarcastic comments and his interactions with a young indian intern won me over.  the movie is short (1 hr 25 min) and sweet.  the ending made me smile.  all in all a grand date night.

saturday was spent hiking mt. cardigan in orange, new hampshire.  such a beautiful day for hiking in new hampshire, even though it wasn't quite as nice in boston.  after a 2 1/2 hour drive, we made it to our destination and hiked to the top.
the view of the surrounding mountains was clearly very beautiful and we took a nice break at the summit to drink it all in.

we wrapped up our weekend by heading to newburyport with my mom and grandfather for a lovely meal by the water.  newburyport in the summer is a fave spot of mine and it was fun to show my mom and grandfather one of my favorites for the first time.

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