Monday, June 4, 2012

Snip Snip

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here's a newsflash for those of you that haven't seen me in real life.  i've got boobs.  pretty big ones if i do say so myself.  this means i have to wear a bra.  it's not a choice, it is a requirement.  i always see such cute summer dresses with low backs or cutouts that don't facilitate bra wearing.  this is fine for those girls who as kanye west eloquently describes them "uhhh two bee stings," but for me, a bra is requirement.  and on a hot summer day, i don't want to be strapped into a low back corset type bra that is usually reserved for proms and weddings.  enter this dress from madewell.  best of both worlds.  cutouts for summer and the ability to wear a normal bra.  hallelujah.

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