Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandwich City

i've been in my old stomping grounds, providence, ri, since monday at a work conference (don't fret i'm home now). while there i only had free time after five pm, so i took the opportunity to visit my favorite sandwich place, geoff's, last night for dinner. pure deliciousness. gigantic menu. and most important free, all you can eat, homemade pickles. if you've never been i highly recommend.

i usually enjoy the frigid bitch sandwich (turkey, spinach, chive cream cheese, cucumbers, tiger sauce, and sprouts), but i tried a new one for me, chicken george (chicken salad, bacon, melted swiss cheese, hot spinach, onion, shedd sauce, and russian dressing - i minused the tomato).  it was bizarre and so unbelievably tasty.

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