Monday, June 25, 2012

Popcorn Is Not My Friend

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so there i was, friday night, watching say yes to the dress, just enjoying some popcorn on my sad/relaxing friday night.  when all of a sudden a kernel gets stuck behind my last tooth.  well i'm all comfortable so i don't want to get off the couch to get some floss.  in goes my finger to try and pick it out.  instead of getting it out, i jam it in farther.  i still don't get up and hope it will work its way out while i'm still on the couch.  no luck.  so i get up and try to get it with floss.  no luck.  so annoying but i guess i'll go to bed.  cut to monday morning and my entire jaw is throbbing, my gums are swollen, and my bottom teeth hurt when i open and close my mouth.  houston, we have a problem.  i tried everything.  fingernails, safety pin, tweezers.  nothing would get the kernel out.  pain ensued.  luckily i have a friend who is a dentist.  i organize him to look at it after work.  still a lot of pain during the day so i start psychotically swishing water in my mouth to try to get it out.  around 3 pm i think i dislodged it, but i still want to make sure.  the dentist scrapes and tells me my gum is super swollen (most likely due to me poking and prodding my mouth for 2 days).  but i'm happy to report that the kernel appears to be out.  my jaw is not throbbing anymore.  there's still some gum pain that will hopefully subside over the next couple days.  moral of the story, i'm laying off popcorn for a few (or at the very least only using floss and not my fingers to remove kernels from my teeth).

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